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Yeah, again, I mean, it's a completely different team. And it's been rare that the bruins have not had those two not on the ice together. It's been a long time. I can't even remember the last time that they were out for an extended stretch of time. And you're seeing, again, bergeron retires, you got so limited down the middle. And you know, again, Martian is not retiring anytime soon he's not pulling an Aaron Donald, which the Aaron Donald stuff was interesting. I had not heard about the retirement stuff. Before the game and then Rodney Harrison just kind of dropped it in the free game. Yeah, no big deal. And then it was talked about a little before the game I like Michelle to fly on the sideline and it's like, was this like do people talk about this before? Did it just like spawn? And now he's like potentially retiring. So none of that with Martian that we know of. So he'll be around for quite a bit. But again, it kind of hits at this like, you need both. And I don't think that, you know, let's say bergeron does retire after the season. What do you have with marchand? Like Marsha has a great play driver, same with pasta or not, but you need that legit number one center and you don't have it. You do not have it. Outside of bergeron. So it comes down to again, that's why this deadline could be one of the most important that the bruins have had in years, which we say every year, but I really mean it this year. This could have a lot longer to 2023. It would be the same thing, but honestly, considering what the window is. Yeah, every year going forward for any more important in terms of charting out the future because we've said it before. I don't think this team is going to sell or are they going to completely blow things up. And again, I think you look at the state of this team. Can you really blow things up completely anyway? There's people who talk about they should just trade everyone and all of a sudden get into the sweepstakes for the dad sweepstakes. No, I think the floor of this team is also too high that even if you like bergeron retires and you try to sell off tradable assets like the brush, Craig Smith, all these other guys, they're still not at that tier where you're hovering with Montreal and Arizona. We are going to have a viable chance. Maybe you get the.

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