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Have seen a rather different tone in quite a lot of the reporting on Russian TV and particularly on things like telegram, social media channel, which is still used in Russia. People have been starting to point the finger of blame and acknowledging that things are not going as well. Now that to me is a really significant development because there have been sort of trying to populations and you know it's all going well. We're wonderful, but now that people are saying, well, we've lost some ground and who's to blame. But once you start asking who's to blame, it suggests that there's a lot of doubt creeping in. They will keep firing these artillery shells. That is the worry. But the overall picture, I wouldn't say it's the beginning of the end by any means. But the overall picture is looking rather more encouraging for Ukraine. What is it, therefore Sergei that does mean that this could be the beginning of the end of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. What does the Ukraine need now to do and to help it get its job done? Now, I think the answer is pretty simple. We've been saying that for months now, we need to have weapons, right? It's the only thing that has beholden us back for several months. We could have started this counter offensive much, much earlier. So we need tanks, we need artillery. We also need anti missile defense to protect our cities and critical infrastructure. And we've been collecting that throughout Europe and U.S. for months and pleading for that. And as soon as we got enough, we managed to launch this corner offensive. If we had it before, this kind of offensive would have started. Much, much earlier if I had more weapons, we could have been even more successful with proof that we are effective in learning to manage different new types of weapons that we've never had in Ukrainian army. We've managed to prove that we are much more effective than Russian army. And this heavy weapon has been put to a good use in Ukraine. So briefly, sorry to interrupt you, but what is it that you exactly want to happen? Do you want to go back to the Ukraine post 20 14? Or is there going to be this ambition now to get back the territory annexed by Russia? I mean, the ambition now is absolutely to go back to the internationally recognized borders, including all of the donbas and Crimea. We've seen that Russia is not going to stop at any point unless they're kept out of our territory. And we can to the point where they can not simply can not launch any counter offensive. So although everybody wants this war to win as soon as possible, everybody is, of course, willing to do the negotiations to save lives. But we are not trusting the Russian word. We're trusting the Ukrainian army. We're trusting the unity of our allies and friends all over the world. And we do want to take back all the territory freed from Russian occupation and let our people leave freely in a Ukrainian state in a democracy in Europe. In Kyiv, thank you so much for joining us. And also joining us down the line from London. Stephen deal, thanks to you both. You're listening to Monica 24, the time here in London is 7 31, a quick look now at the latest headlines. Xi Jinping will leave China for the first time in more than two years this week. He'll travel to Central Asia on a state visit to Kazakhstan on Wednesday, and we'll then go to the Shanghai cooperation organization summit in the ancient Silk Road city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan. There, he'll meet Vladimir Putin. Thousands of religious and right-wing activists have marched through Serbia's capital calling for authorities to ban a gay pride march planned for next week, the protesters who carried a massive Serbian flag included groups who also shouted slogans backing Serbia's longtime ally Russia, as well as nationalistic and far right causes. Same sex marriage is banned in Serbia. And Iraqi Alpine path between two glaciers in Switzerland is emerging for what the local ski resort says is the first time in two thousand years. It follows the hottest European summer on record. The ski resort of glacier 3000 in western Switzerland says this year's ice melt was around three times the ten year average, and this is a globalist. Stay tuned. We'll be having a look at the newspapers and will also be examining the regular frequent portrayals of her majesty the Queen in the cinema, but first, careers mid autumn festival was held this weekend. It's one of the most significant moments in the calendar for citizens of both the north and the south. In the past, families have been permitted to meet from both sides of the divide, but the last time that happened was in 2018. Well, joining me now from Seoul is James fretwell and analyst at NK news. Good morning, James. Hello, good afternoon where I'm at. Good to hear you. Tell us what happened during the festival this weekend. Well, she's so yes, it's a big holiday, especially in South Korea, the entire country really kind of shuts down over the weekend. Actually, I'm I came to the south of South Korea because of to spend the holiday with my fiance's family. So you might be able to hear a few cars in the background at the moment. In the north, it's not as big a holiday. The biggest holidays in North Korea tend to be holidays that revolve around basically worship of the Kim family. So recently, the South Korea's unification ministry, they did suggest more family reunions of separated families that were divided around 70 years ago as a result of the Korean War.

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