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Chucky Halftime? It's quiet over here. I'm gonna see for the first time that swarm on this side. Yeah, like sobriety. Incredible. That's what you get for switching over to see Auntie ahead. Shack food. Got to stay warm clothes like Yeah. Although Molly had quite the outfit last night, I didn't catch a little of that with the checkered blazer. The turtleneck and the Molly was cool. Yeah, Yeah. Yes. Reassures me to see Molly out there. Can I offer you a turtleneck? Mitch Hedberg. Griff Murph? Oh, yeah, I love that makes hamburgers got a turtle like he goes. I don't wear turtlenecks Feels like I'm being strangled by a really weak guy. Yeah. Great Lung looks like that with him. It's a little restricting the turtleneck and I had a stretch. There was a stretch where I was. I was wearing turtlenecks. Man under always would layer it was layered up. You know, high school parties. You put the flannel shirt over the turtleneck, you know, And that was kind of glad you're doing it in Boston, but it's really a function of just trying to stay warm when it's like, seven degrees outside like that. Turn on lights. Definitely help to keep your go. Next level eight away Camp er, the mock turtleneck. How about that movie? Tough movie? There was once went on Gary Ravages Sports Final. We're in a mock turtleneck to replace her back in the nineties. Jerry Seinfeld was a big mock turtleneck I for a while, remember, I don't remember my had gotten it like for Christmas. My mom specifically complimenting me all that nocturnal. It was very handsome on so nice. You're going. Ma, You're going. You're going mark with a blazer. Right? The place. Yeah. You know, some of those looks are mock turtleneck with the Blazers are God Dante Whitner. He'll do it. Willy feels right. Do you know there's nothing? There's no stone. There's no stone. He won't overturn. I think she actually go Turtle back in a blazer. I think you're right. Yeah. I lost purposely run back up right when I'm not a lot of support for the next four. Yeah. Hopes his shack is one of my all time favorite things about breaking ovary off. It's just two e treasure it like a fine really is good. All right, Get the guest list here on a Friday morning. January 29 I only watch big 2020 16 roll the tape. Okay? Something totally expressionless. Yeah, yeah, good..

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