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Jay Gruden, Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


The race cars are done. The risk is does this do these injuries by Jay Gruden another year. Or so I believe I believe it does. I don't think that data Snyder and the wash the risk is to get rid of them. I hear you often say about Jason Garrett. They're trying to find a reason to keep him. I kind of started to feel the same way about Jay Gruden. This is the team that hasn't been successful under the under the ownership of Dan Schneider. You had a couple of years of Joe Gibbs. And so I think Jay Gruden has done enough with this team teams before to buy him. So for actually year Ryan clock. Right. He was Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news. Having said all of that. When you look at the Philadelphia Eagles in a way. That they're playing why don't they have a chance against the Cowboys. I mean, the Cavs got just a one game lead on them. They've been looking awesome over the last three weeks at least offensively we know whether or not that's going to continue this division rivalry within the NFC and more importantly than anything else. I see everybody talking glowingly about the Dallas Cowboys. That's usually when they fall when prosperity comes their way. This fall you have to stop leaning on a history your history, right? Yeah. All right. Mike. I remember my urban telling you, you gotta look at the history your history. There's somebody told me off somebody comes out with me off like my like my. You go back to the game. They know is three weeks ago. Right, right. When they started to run Zieger Elliott against the Philadelphia after they got beat up by the titan. Jess. And then they got into anyone that gets. I'm say going back to what I was. Okay. Right. So you see Zeqiri has now become such a huge part of the offense which he should have been in the beginning. I don't know why it took Scotland a hand Jason Garrett this long to realize that and also you look at them defensively. I believe that. Jalen Smith and late Vander had become the new Briggs at Erlanger of the league guys. They can run sideline to sideline. Make tackles make plays everywhere. Byron Jones has become one of the premier press corners in fell. And so you look at his team defensively, they have the good. And now offensively understanding they have an identity, and you watch the Mario Cooper give them a valid option on outside. We saw these two teams head to head in Philadelphia. If you weeks ago and and the game since have shown that the Dallas Cowboys or a cut of hit it what the Philadelphia Eagles. I found myself thinking about when I look at the NFC the Seattle Seahawks. They're coming. Russell Wilson is who he is. What are you? What what's the reason? They've won three straight. What's the reason? They've been so successful. We've seen year in a year out recently. Russell Wilson beat a do it all quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Chris Carson you look at penny. The way that they've been able to develop a run game has really helped Russell Wilson. In the recent weeks. They really worked on being consistent and not consistent in success..

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Jay Gruden, Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

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