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Why? Double Newsjohn McDevitt reports, workers at the scene got out safely. No neighbors were nearby in the densely populated area. When the bricks came tumbling down, officials say crews were inside at least one of the two houses in the 700 block a Mercy Street, which is one block north of Snyder Avenue here in South Philadelphia, When the collapse happened around noon, according to authorities, All of the workers got out safely. Jacqueline Walker lives two doors away. It wasn't that loud. It was just a brick facade, so it just sounded. Like crumbling break. The last part's probably the break hitting the cars. Just find a lot of part of it, and then it just the smell of gas and And the wires coming down with the 1st 1 vehicle was severely damaged after bricks and debris fell on top of it. Officials say the front wall of one property under construction fell, bringing the neighboring vacant houses from wall down with it. The cause is under investigation in south Philadelphia. John Mackovic keep WHATEVERYOU news radio well since Corona virus test results are taking more than a week and 1/2. Montgomery County looks for shortcuts. More on that, after traffic and weather on the twos. Let's start with the roads and the delays out there with Justin Drop. And thanks a lot. Steve, 95 North bound Jan from the state line to the approach of exit one Chai Chester Avenue. It's still in the left lane that gets through four. Overnight. Construction rests 95 delay free At the moment on the Roosevelt Boulevard. It's South bound out across from ninth Street to the approach of Fox. ST Maur. Crews have the left lane closed. Finally clear the broken down vehicle on 76 westbound just past Belmont Avenue. That delay finally gone. In fact, no delays in either direction on 76 to take advantage of it. For 76 the blue route South bound it slow from Route three to the approach of Route one. There's slow moving work crew blocking a lane heading south north bound and find shape from 95 all the way up to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Her bike East and West. Trouble free same of the Northeast extension for 22 the Route 30. Bypass. Delaware River Bridges are quiet in New Jersey. No problems the mention on the 42 freeway Moving at Highway speed on to 95. The turnpike and Route 55 mass Transit is not reporting any major problems. I'm Justin Drop back in the cave W 24 hour traffic center five day forecast. Here's NBC 11th Alert meteorologist but hurricane shorts, the Heat wave continues. We've had five straight days.

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