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Bill Stead in for John Mercure. Denise Thomas in for Melissa Markley. Hello there. Hello, Eric. I've got a couple of her movies as well. I've got a good one. So I'm going to save it when you share as well. It sounds good looking for excited. Greg. Hello it. Could it be like a musical right? It isn't like attack of the killer tomatoes. That's sharks action going on for their with decided winner. Well, so that, you know. Yes, I know. Every Monday, you guys like to do announce who had a good weekend. I'm going with Jamie's Winston, that quarterback for the Saints, and it's like 800 touchdowns in the wound Salt in the world. He had a good weekend. So do you have a good weekend? How about Brewer's No hitter? Haven't seen that 1987. I can't believe some of the calls. I heard. Two uh, Matt Pauley's Postgame show, saying Craig Counsell Was it? What's he doing? Yanking Corbyn burns out of the game. I'll trust the guy who has the team on path to earn a franchise record and wins managing his staff. It was still fun to watch. Dazzling green know about that. He joins us in the four o'clock hour, right, Denise, who had a good weekend, Madonna, she was at the VMAs last night going to totally like ticket from sports. Madonna. She is want to guess. Almost 70 years old, and she kicked off the video Music awards on MTV. She looked like she had some assistance. It's one thing that's a nice red important, but I was very excited to see her because, you know, I grew up watching Madonna and she came out looking Like she's had some assistance, but great job too much. Can you say it's been too much? What? How do you measure that? I'm just curious Hollywood? Yeah. If you don't have any. It's not enough. Exactly. She was like talking like this. And I knew there was something going on purpose. Smile. Yes, exactly. Alex, You want to try throwing out quick? You got time We got, um Yeah, I guess I would say, uh, good weekend for the Halloween store owners, Right? The spirit Halloween. The ones that, like pop up every year and then go away. It's right around that time. You're starting to see him pop up, so we're going to start cashing in pretty quickly. You're not talking about the big Eligible pumpkin off the side of the freeway, right that somehow mysteriously always deflated, and it becomes a huge story. That's clever marketing. If you ask me 3 14, Speaking of deflating Green Bay Packers, Greg resident sports name this report sponsored by R, and R insurance. They are the knowledge brokers..

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