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Appreciate that okay anyway. Anyway to equals going out of here so We started the show investigating this this Youtube thing. You are being looked at as a potential suspect in this. Do you want to clear name right Fucking what are you know? I'd love to be fuck. Are you waiting for you? My my phone mine. I'll hold on. Hold hold on. Hold on hold on. Why do you endlessly defend this idiot? I mean he's fun for us right but he's he's you're you're I mean that his work do you feel potentially these more guilty after that Paul's or no no immunities phone man just told you what the issue was wasn't a pause? Maybe he accidentally hit a button and bought four thousand. God Jesus Christ our no. I'm hard for. I'm hardly enough to put the video up on Youtube. I don't like that defense. Mean Steve's defense. I don't like him. You don't like that cagey like that. I don't like that defense okay. So we laid everything out. You're aware of all. The facts are clear. You for the for the sake of this conversation. Somebody did everyone's denying they did it. So putting a gun to your head and saying who did it. Take as much time as you like before. What is that? See what the Fuck we lost him. Would it be young up or what. What are you eating by the way her knowing me? What are you eating? See we eating. Candy kind Crybaby tears we'll sour candy. Sound like them. Maybe that's when he's about to go home. If you fucking priestess we species during the show my show. You're an automatic answering. See what the fuck. Oh Jesus Christ comback asterisk Verna No. I'm calling him. What a way to go out from Bristol. Sports on the line could end the difference between those two could ended with Kevin Salad crazier than it did. When you were talking to Kevin. It reminded me of when you had fight Obregon and asked him out of Saturday's the boys and he's like I never really thought about probably twenty million dollars for the company Allen. Stand Steve. I don't even get it right Joe from Scranton just texted me back. Who is this? Call Him? Okay great fearful. Who is this John? John Kirkman a hand. How are you good? How's it going? It's going fine so We're trying we're trying to put together this this case here. Okay spoke to the guy from Canada. We spoke to will for a few minutes. He hung up so clearly something happened. Somebody bought something. I like you guys. You guys do a good job. I appreciate your loyalty things. Somebody must have bought something so I need to know who did what. Yeah yeah no I mean once.

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