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Twenty six degrees at four thirty one CBS news update from Newark, New Jersey to Fort Worth Texas and Los Angeles. Demonstrators turned out to protest President Trump's declaration of a national emergency to get money to build a wall on the southern border civil rights lawyer, Mike Segal took part in the Austin, Texas rally democracy, the stand up against his authoritarian power graft because we know this declaration of national emergency is really a fake emergency. The president is also facing political and legal challenges over the issue CBS's Natalie brand at the White House residence day protests popped up in cities across the country with demonstrators opposing President Trump's national emergency declaration to build a border wall. The president returns to Washington late Monday were whole face legal challenges and congressional action. Counter protesters outside the White House held sign saying finish the wall. CBS news update. I'm Pam Coulter. WBZ news time four thirty two weeks before election day, Chicago Cubs chairman, Tom Ricketts is encouraging voters Wrigley Ville to dump their current. Alderman. They've argued on various aspects of development in and around Wrigley field. Tom Ricketts has given money to one of alderman, Tom Tani's opponents. Now the cubs chair and CEO tells reporters in Mesa for spring training voters should look at the other candidates running in the forty fourth ward. Like, I'm not leading anyone where to vote I'm just saying take a look. And the. Everyone has to make their own decisions..

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