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Abigail i know. You have a habit of bursting out into song spontaneous. Encourage you to do that tonight. Did you can dance anything that if you want to grab your banjo okay you know. We're we're i always start my conversation whether i'm talking to a physicist or banjo players they'd like a little bit about whether there is a religious or spiritual background your childhood and advocate. I'd like to start with you. You grow up in a few places chicago washington minnesota a little bit. I forgot that you were going to study than i. Oh my yeah. Well my grandmother who was in evanston illinois. Most of her life raised my mother. There unitarian universalist and i was raised from three to eleven years old in montgomery village maryland and the religious education. In that you you church. We actually went to everybody else's church. We learned about what it was like to go to temple or synagogue or mosque all kinds of different churches. And i was the kid in high school at instead of having band posters on my wall i had martin luther king jr. gandhi the united nations mural and instead of going to my senior prom. I decided to go to the united nations youth disarmament conference in canada. And i ended up coming back in time for prompt. Because a cute guy asked me but I actually did think that was more important. You know go to the un youth disarmament conference but So that's that was my my childhood as much as i should probably say and by the time i was leaving high school and going off for all the different adventures next chapter i i would say that i was I believe that my faith and my spiritual path was about cultivating myself for good action bela how do you think about the well. Would you think about the religious or spiritual background of your child. How do you think about that. Now you grew up in new york. I was raised a harmless heathen.

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