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She had filed a restraining order against him. She says she had been held captive since the beginning of May. The news is brought to you by choice Administrators Insurance. We have a stall on the five in Burbank. This one is along the five North Bong at Buena Vista. Now it's a start out big rig at the top of the blender Vista on ramp to the north. Five. Now it's not affecting the main flow, except people can see it so they're slowing down all the way from the 1 34 freeway. We're going to check in with Michael Brian K F Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Angel looks like he's got a big mess now into Riverside. I'm not quite there yet, but another hamster in the cage. We shouldn't be too long Now it's 91 eastbound at just about Van Buren a little before Van Buren closer to Pierce. Looks like at least three right lanes are blocked on this one. So bumper to bumper now well through Corona back to surface club behind that, Of course, the normal stuff pretty much for were candy truck scales overthrew the 2 41, almost a green river, where, at least in shop. Problems coming up on the 15 of that same vicinity. And Corona. The 15 southbound did Ontario Avenue They're saying a middle lane block looks like that's adding to the soil from the 90 went down through Comalco and a problem into the whole pass 15 north out of the 1 38. Looks like they're going to the right shoulder there extra tight on that stretch now from Ken. What Injured in an accident visit Superwoman super Lawyer Com Mike O'Brien KF eye in the Sky Porter Ranch is slow When 18 is found from Puerto ran to drive heading to receive the boulevard. KF Eye in the sky helps gets You there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. Says, Uh, Michael. Brian have a drum up there I'd Anyway, it sounds like it. All right. Let's talk about America's military..

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