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Instead there are other marcus strongly suggestive of cognitive change these include cultural artefacts and tools indicators of modern human behavior and of recognizable intelligence scientists can also trace lineage relationships in modern homo sapiens to determine how genes and especially the subtle regulation of those genes have changed over the millennia and approach using what is known as coalescence muddling allows researchers to work backwards from dna samples from members of different human population groups in order to develop a gene trees that identified the most likely common or shared ancestry population from which all living humans are derived lineage tracing based on changes to the y chromosome gina type permits a study of paternal ancestry changes in the dna within might have congres allow an analysis of maternal lineage relationships there are significant margins of their up built into these backwardlooking lineage studies and the numbers are always a bit robbery but overrode the genetic and cultural daughter do suggest the modern version of homo sapiens the version with an advanced cognitive architecture and newly developed language capabilities may have evolved as recently as eighty thousand to ninety thousand years ago that is perhaps only four and a half thousand to five thousand generations of modern homo sapiens furthermore a study looking at marta condor dna variance astounded all humans living outside africa share a particular phenotype and it seems like the dow species began to leave africa and colonized the globe around sixty five thousand two 70000 years ago since then at evolutionary progress has been nothing short of astonishing driven by complex and dynamic interactions between genes environment and culture.

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