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Belts and watch the fight this saturday danny garcia i get you some some current events it sir first one sucks robert whitaker is out of his fight with jerry cannon here and the reason was undisclosed personal reasons right which sounds like i don't know i just be overt gonna say so it's about as family though over it and i'll i'll show you what what dan what set out apologies to all my friends sports unfortunate i won't be able to compete at UC forty eight there feel the things going on my life i need to give priority and sort out so i've had a change plans ends but i'll be back soon bigger and better than oversaw jeered track so you would expect to be upset right for its fits personal reasons right they banked on it so i'll show you dana this is him talking to submission radio we're gonna have rubber whitaker taking jared cananea whitaker is now out of that let's do this again what exactly happened there there so i use slash u. of c. dentists who are in the teasha to forty eight israel romero we're going to have trouble whitaker taking jericho cananea whitaker is now out of that cod what exactly happen they're put it this way that's that's personal for whittaker whitaker wants to talk about that he can again but i'll tell you this when you talk about somebody who's priorities are in the right place who is completely selfless and down to the core a good human being that's robert whitaker crime the fighting in this fight is one of the most unselfish things i've ever seen in my life fighting the fires good human being and i have a lot of wonder if you know what he's dealing with right now and i literally i can't put into words in articulate feel about must we're pretty serious day is he's he's the real deal man yeah i did not expect that answer dana i love robert whitaker i wonder what it is he posted this thing as well well but i'm sorry i don't want wars set the same on a lot is happening over the last twelve months and i need to take time to be with my family slow things down promise at at all do you think that spend time with family and doing for a hot second yeah and dan is it really school i'll be curious what it is i mean a seal have tells picture there was family it's also you know fighting you'll romero fighting style bender not knock on your cannon air but it's tough man sir please okay absolutely and then speaking stall bender so they are official now israel sonya annual romero lover forty-eight love love love love it what would you do is dan did did you like do you have some people have an issue you have an issue with your american title shot do you have a big issue with your mail attached coming off a loss fighting style bender the or josie aldo fighting pseudo attempt shot coming off a loss i'd say i have both controversial yeah i'd say i have more of an issue she with aldo than i do you'll ramiro given just his performances they've all been close they've all been drastically close could give it to the other yeah like his fight fight with kosta his fights with a whitaker clo- all insanely close with decision with aldo it was a close fight fight thirty one that's okay but the fights before that were close his hall away losses and just like his fights at featherweight vulcan could ask loss yeah the thing is with your romero it's like the you know in for style benner there's really no one else so it's like god's y'all's ios a monster he a lot of people think he'd be put put him in but for henry pseudo it's like dude there's marlin could do that or you know there's there's a bunch of other fights he can make it was weird and just because pseudo wants to fight auto coming off a loss and demanded they give it to them so you're like all right well yes yes listen i don't know probably either i don't give a flocked how about that i don't care who henry pseudo fights all right cool man i wonder if i dominate cruise cruise dot com is your son future diaries but all right i'll give you can't complain final all right gelman they're often fights the great yeah more respect a minor thing is what style benders doing have more respect for them what i've respect for both guys but what henry suharto's doing i think he sees weakness in josie aldo and you know out does over his prime so it's kind of a an auto is a bigger name so he's going after him for that reason was style better he's going after y'all romero for legacy and proves the best because you know that ain't an easy fight stylistically like nightmare it's probably worst fighting you take nightmare still think finishes i'm under too though what else get a dino chase cooper that young dude super young twenty or yeah he's twenty years old he's a featherweight i don't know who he is okay so he fights in a UFC and there's a joke that i think ben's tweeted right like you did good son or something do you remember the key he did the post fight interview about skills like you want to eat eminem's or something oh he's like he looks like a child this semi so he's talking to hear him also at all right i'll just just play for doing media strategies.

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