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Own country to probably thank you for your service. Who's this eighty scary day. Gary lord morning. Get it off your chest you said. You don't agree with withdrawing the troops. I don't agree what the men are. We drew. I just feel like my because i like. I love your friends And with gave brown in jake. It's kind of like a in. How do you feel that. Their troops are not fighting withdrawal. Never presidents out of town and westerly and fighting some of the army dancer win very brave rate young individuals and a lot of them. Didn't they probably take no. They won't stand up for what they believe Think a ashamed manner that we should focus our temper structures and it just building the building of the army or joe biden. Said he'd said in the tweet. Yesterday they was never there to do any nation building in afghanistan pretty much revenge less it now. I wonder what happened to. The afghan soldiers were fighting side by side with the. Us odes get it off vhs. Eight hundred five eight five one five one if you need to vent hit us up now with the breakfast club. Good morning your time to get it off your chest so the blast on the breakfast on your derek. What's up each hasbro. I'm completely trusted relatives. You know they can't give us we help. You can't cancel homelessness. I don't want any of our real problem that we have many hope. Let me industrial. I've got one there doing nothing that we bipolar. Helping three hundred thousand people who are just sending money over to taking the money too much doing nothing. We alison straddling nothing to wake up. We devote out other government. Because i just don't care the day for gory book and the other day letter all of them together. It followed them because they don't care and then it follows them right now. They're all just guys ready to go back to more for no reason and go does doing the same thing i would do. Everything is in our about. I warned us about and and just ready to happen all over again wanting to wake up. We're willing to take control of our government and i. What do we go to vote. We can own rights of espn to talked diesel man shoe and even school doors democrats all around but they can't. These people thought these people out. Thank you derrick allow. Who's this trait under south man. I'm from the eighty three south carolina to metro arrived. Probably get it off your chessman man. What happened to rap group. By the only rap group you got like what happened to the gucci and waka had waka was never know group. Little johnny got ranged. From armored got race murmured migos. The city girls girls. Yeah who else we got. I can't think of around him a group crew. I don't consider them a group now. Not a group. I consider them accrue not gonna gain right now. We just got to go out there in the league. We need more groups group days. I rang on it. You still got the locks. Don't you know last couple of days ago. New generation of they not only school their classic timeless vintage all right bravo. Thank you man. We talk about. Afghanistan has always one guy but like all that but what about the group. Everybody got their own issues and they own concerns. I'm not mad at him. That's the beauty of the world that we live right. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one zero. I got room all the way he asked about this lawsuit for halle berry. Imagine someone says you. They're going to give you a job and then they don't. Can you sue for. That will tell you what happen. All right. we'll get into.

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