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In january or february that he is not the case this year suddenly a lot of people are getting sick and influenza levels in most parts of the garden state have been raised from loud ahmad it infectious disease expert dr ted lieu says patients are suffering with high fevers coughing running nose muscle aches but also we have several patients at the hospital with conforms so they had a bit more serious almost says he adds no one is sure of influenza activity will keep spiking or drop back down predictable probably i would think this would be a bad flu season some years our mild some years or worse david matthau new jersey one a one point five news and elderly church pastor ian medford is facing charges he sexually assaulted four kids over a span of sixteen years reverend harry thomas runs the come alive church and medford prosecutors say they were tipped off by one of the victim's parents that he's accused of a pattern of abuse between 1999 in 2015 pastor thomas who is 74 remains under guard at a local hospital calling of the worst day of his life senator al franken announced thursday he is resigning from congress following sexual harassment allegations the minnesota liberal a former saturday night live comedian took a parting shot at president trump saying you with some irony in that the man who bragged about sexual assault as in the oval office rank and says he will leave in the coming weeks no word yet who the governor will point as his replacement donated human breast milk can be a lifesaving force were premature babies or a big help for mom struggling to breastfeed if the reason for human milk banks throughout the nation but there are none in.

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