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Welcoming to all also I want you to hear what bubble Wallace twitter put out a statement, which read impart today's despicable act of racism and hatred me incredibly saddened, and serves as a painful reminder of how much further we have to go as a society, and how persistent we must be in the fight against racism as my mother. Mother told me today. They are just trying to scare you. This will not break me I will not give in, nor will I back down. I will continue to proudly stand for what I believe in now as we know, according to breaking in more recent information to ESPN, the FBI is going to be involved in this investigation as everyone tries to get to the bottom of exactly what happened how it happened? Who's responsible for it I? Take plenty to say about it as they talked about. How damaging the news instant is involving bubble wallace for the overall reputation of NASCAR. The sanctioning body and its executive level have spent this entire morning pouring through what surveillance footage they have in the garage, chatting with members of bubba Wallace's team to try to get to the bottom of who this was now just so you know because of covid nineteen, the access to the garage is greatly restricted compared to what it would be without a pandemic, we're working at about one third of the amount of people within the garage area that will we would see without a covert nineteen pandemic and the people that have access to the garage are for example team members of the Cup series teams officials of the sport safety personnel. Firemen Law. Security and maybe some cleaning staffs that would be in charge of cleaning up and cleaning out the garage areas, fans are not allowed. There were some five thousand fans allowed here yesterday. It's the first time since the covid nineteen pandemic halted the sport that paying fans were welcome back to the race track, but they didn't have access to the garage so I can't say on equivocally. You can remove them from the equation, but I think you can say ninety nine percent, maybe even more than that that you can remove them from this equation, so that's one of the most troubling parts of this is that there's potential that it was someone in the sport. My prayer personally is that it was not a hard card annual credential carrying member of the sport because that would be all the more disgusting. This is despicable. Disgusting. This is have one thing this is this is. I'm sorry, go ahead! I, said, thank you for being on the show. Listen before I. Asked my follow up question when you say a hard carrying member for those out there who don't know much about NASCAR. Explain exactly what that means. When you say you hope that it's not a hard, carry a hard card carrying member. What do you mean by that? That's what. Good morning brother. This is what that's like. Nascar Lingo for an annual credential that is someone who is credential for the entire season by the sanctioning body by NASCAR, and that would be folks like me. Members of the media who cover the sport regularly that would be crew members and crew chiefs drivers, and that's actually steven one other one other great example of how restricted the garage area is. The drivers don't even have access to it. The drivers are walking from their motor homes that they live in their homes on wheels straight to their race cars to drive the cars. They're not going into garage area. So that gives you an idea of how restricted this is. I wanted to follow up with this question. I understand that. Symbolic gesture you know you see something like this left them bubble Wallace's locker. Obviously you WANNA find out who that is, and you want to. Radically from the sport I get all of that, but I take it as a more palpable threat. They're saying if we get our hands on you if we catch you, we're going to do something to you. I WANNA know. Do you get the impression that that is how NASCAR is embracing this situation? And what are they doing? If anything at all to make sure that bubble wallace is protected, because obviously, he's a huge target right now. Indeed and I will tell you quickly. I'll get to your point of of an immediate threat and just a moment, but this is a very interesting thing that I've just learned from industry sources right before we came on Richard Petty. Who drove the? Forty three car, two hundred wins and seven championship, and it's probably the most iconic face and figure in the history of the sport. He has not been at the race track Stephen since cove nineteen halted. All of Sports Mr Petty is eighty two years old, so he stayed at home well, he's coming today. He's coming today to stand beside. Darrell Wallace in solidarity, and I'm told by those sources that what the king said was this the most important thing right now for me is hugging my driver. And I don't think he's alone. I have not confirmed what the pre race ceremonies might look like, but I can tell you this I have a i. have a really good idea that we're going to see a show of solidarity for Bubba. Wallace, that's going to be moving and really show where the sport is now. Let me get back to your original question here. That's car is not gonNA. Take this crap anymore and I'll tell you why I feel like. This is another landmark moment in this progressive movement in the past. If this would've happened, I can't sit here and tell you that I know. NASCAR even would've announced it. Darrell Wallace Bubba Wallace never saw the news. A member of his team saw it. That member of the team reported that he'd seen it, and then it went to Nascar. Senior executive staff had a meeting immediately. They made the decision as a group to put this information out. Not Sweep it under the rug. Say Hey, we're going to handle this internally. We're going to tell the world. This happened and we're GONNA. Get this. SOB The hell out of here. And, that's what they're doing right now. They're working with the with the information that they have at their disposal. Talladega has a new garage. Fifty million dollar renovation, so you'd assume there's a lot of cameras in there, man. They're looking at all that now. They're talking to people who might have information, and they're determined to get to the bottom of who or whom.

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