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It's going to get my coveted sleep in special at ten. Yeah. You're watching that game on the other ones you need to go. See a psychiatrist even know what were that came from? I've had one zero one hundred seal written down all week, but I'm going with going to one one one draw. Because. Yeah, I would say I say zero zero I didn't even talk myself into it basically talked myself out of it with England Murray's myself. I can't put myself into a goal. That's understandable, though. Brighton on the road. No Glen Murray. I could see it. That's your that's our EPL right there. So we will now run through lab of the lever on the world. A certain Spain. Where the must watch T my favorite league. Spain is is where it was for a while. But Italy was the hot mistress. But now they come back into my Spanish face. I mean, you know, we got seventy eight teams within a couple of wins of the top with severe being at the top followed weird. It games again this weekend. I'm gonna I'm gonna I would say the game that I would call out as rail versus and hosting Lindsey ah because Madrid is basically a must watch train wreck. At the moment. They just got their asses handed doomed by mighty Eibar last week. But and then after a slow start it's Roman the mid week actually, quite good in the second half. So this this is to this is to teams that have been up and down all season sort of to schizophrenia affects, you know, being thrown into a room, and, you know, told go through he maker, so it should be it should be interesting. Great today. I haven't even been drinking. I don't even know what's going on here. Germany will move to Germany buyer is essentially the same things, you know, they're basically struggling domestically, but they they like rail came up with the nice win in the Champions League. So there must watch at the moment, they traveled to verterbra Mun. So, you know, hang with me on this on this scenario. Let me paid a little picture for you here era. I'm here. Okay. So. Buyer Goethe verte. Josh sergeant scores a late winner on Saturday, which in turn gets Niko Kovac fired which in turn ushers in arson vulgar era at Byron. Which in turn sees him win the Champions League with Byron this season. Oh my God. Sam, you know, the way to my heart. In love that. If vendor goes to buyer. I don't care same with PS g same with Real Madrid. I don't care..

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