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While that's along gap so don't forget t public buy a shirt a notebook for your dean. The note taking now look. I realized that some people play other games besides DND yes. Of course you can have a notebook that says on Kevin Long show on it for your shadow road or you're out five are or whatever the role roleplaying game. You play support that this is just a podcast where. I focus on the so. That's my go to go to think but if you don't want get bogged whatever don't forget about pod life. The book that Southgate Media Group has created if you do podcasts and are interested in being published author. There are links throughout facebook. I'll make sure that I post one in the Kevin. Long show for you but you can sign up to be an author in pod life to This week's gift guide is from the normal capes in Lunatic Show. Last week was sidekicks. Watch between you and me. I listened to that one more because that's where the Spiderman discussions are but both shows are good so go check out their gift guide. There will be a link in the show notes. I have started watching the show on Youtube by quest wise. He talks about random. Rpg's really good. Check it out. There will be a link in the show notes now on today's episode. Even though we're Kinda already there we're just talking about business at ways that you can support the Kevin Long show and Southgate Media Group but the meat of the show. Last time I did a podcast. It was the top ten best D. modules of all time and I know I didn't put all time in. I also know that there are still so many more D- D. Modules to be written that we can't say all time but I on. That list was be what? I love be one. I enjoy more than B. Two and maybe that's because I haven't played to a lot I just like be one better. There's so much good stuff in it and there's really nothing in it. You put all the good stuff in it however there are a few things in it that are good like magic mouse as you're walking down the hallways if you don't go in the secret way the rock that gives you think a wish or whatever but the magic rock that nobody knows how to get it and the only way you get its power is if you the peace and put it in your mouth the iconic pool room a lot of fun stuff in that room and I had this discussion the other day about how someone wanted to run an adventure but everybody probably knew what the adventure was just by the things that happen and I use this specific room as the example. Even if everyone you're playing with has done be one before. Change the pools make your own. Everybody's expecting full age to be a healing full make the pool that has carbon monoxide in it. Whatever or game change it up a no. It's dumb but this is my favorite part of the whole adventure. In one of the rooms there is a jar with a cat in it and if you open the jar the cat POPs out and runs right out of the room. If there's anything standing in front of the exit the cat runs right through it. Don't ask me why that's my favorite part. It just is and the room with Zoe. Bats thousands of bats. I have run this adventure as a one. He five eighty and a castles and crusades game. They've all been really fun. I have not ever finished any of them. In fact the five game was with my co workers at dairy queen and after the girl died because she wasn't watching her back and the knowles that were chasing them snuck in and murdered her. She didn't want to play anymore. And the group fell apart which is fine. There was only three of them anyway. And oh boy. In the castles and Crusades Game I put in one of the rooms living picture trapped thingy and somebody got sucked into it and the players figured out how to get them out but when the other player came out so did a frost giant had a red dragon. The players most of them being experienced realized that they should probably nope the hell out and they did but it was still fun. Those are my experiences with the B. One in search of the unknown. So for me myself by. Mahalo have a great day and now because I haven't updated the outgrow to include the clothing include the closing statements again. Thanks for listening to the Kevin Long show. If you enjoyed it Kelly Fred. If you didn't enjoy it tell your enemy you can find us on facebook by searching the Kevin. Long show you can find us on twitter at the Kevin Long S. H. One or you can email us at the Kevin long show at g mail dot com again. Thank you for listening to the Kevin. Long show a production of southgate media. Group you can find us at Southgate. Media Group DOT COM. You can email the show at Kevin. Long Show G MAIL DOT COM. You can also find us on facebook by searching the Kevin Launch Poor on twitter at Kevin long as h. One get..

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