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The Mariners will try it. Again this evening at Safeco field. After failing to four falling rather to the Yankees last night. Four to nothing managing only three hits off Yankee starter, Masahiro Tanaka. Here's Eric Heintz now with the rest of the weekend in sports five thousand two hundred eighty feet above sea level. That's where the Seahawks will open their twenty eighteen. Season tomorrow in Denver the Seahawks practice this week knowing they'll be playing in thinner air on Sunday. Why receiver Brandon marshalls spent four seasons in Denver? And he knows what they're up against hotel. You walk up the steps breath. You know, so we've been having conversations. But not making a big deal. You know, we're we're prepared. We're ready. This is one of those things where you know, when you go in with the mindset that it's there you'll be able to it kickoff as one twenty five on FOX. The huskies opened the season across the country in Atlanta last week today. They will enjoy the friendly surroundings of home games. They welcome North Dakota to montlake. It's been a long week for the huskies. Understanding why a game that could have won against Auburn slip through their fingers. Head coach Chris Peterson. It didn't matter who we play. And it doesn't matter. What happens in terms of like, how are we move forward? We just analyze it move forward be tough in the mind. And and that's how you be successful in life or game day. Coverage begins at nine AM with a husky tailgate show with guard Swanson the Sounders are off this weekend. They return to play against Vancouver next week sports at ten and forty minutes past the hour. Eric Heintz on your home of the huskies. Komo news. A wedding is a beautiful thing as long as it doesn't fall on a Saturday during college football season. Those Saturdays are reserved for the union of two rivals a celebration of fans coming together to trash talk one another at Buffalo Wild Wings. We believe that a wedding planner needs to own a football calendar and our bars are full of beer drinking eating agree with us unless you're secretly trying to cut down your guest list, then kudos on the great strategy. Buffalo Wild Wings escaped to football. Please drink responsibly habe tooth or dare dare. I dare you to impress me. Okay. Alexa. Tell Toyota to start my Avalon. What is your four digit pin zero seven one eight wedding anniversary well done being.

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