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This is thursday may thirtyfirst good morning i'm carol mackenzie sixty seven degrees and overcast at the broadcast center in spring garden we are heading up to eighty degrees today in the news at this hour arrest on the beach that went viral memorial day weekend and wildwood police just put out the body camera footage that allowed the tim jimenez aman crashes his car while driving to the hospital after being shot in the face in fern rock i'm dan wing high level meetings today between american and north korean officials top sports betting business teams up with one of the new players down the shore up that we're real excited about and we'll be sure to be ready for david madden in sports i'm madly on the phillies we'll try to earn a split of their four game series in la against the dodgers tonight behind righthander aaron nola business markets are mixed right now the dow is down one hundred forty three and a half points nasdaq's up nine and change snp is down eight i'm cbs three meteorologist katie fehlinger areas of fog out there yet again this morning and you'll also have a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms around that's today and tonight dr daytime high eighty and through the overnight will drop down to seventy but coming up this pattern continues to be unsettled i'll let you know if there's any end in sight when we check eyewitness weather on kyw newsradio right now sixty seven and cloudy at the broadcast center heading up to eighty today scattered showers and thunder storm kyw news time ten oh two time for traffic and transit on.

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