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Oh rockstars never going to show it's like it's great to sharing some of the stuff out but it just leads to more questions which is which is okay i'm not expecting this the next week may get a whole bunch of info just yet anyway because it doesn't feel like they've ramp that part of the staging of this new game yet so i'm excited for what i've heard yeah sounds like jan was very high on it from their hands on of course we know zero about any kind of multiplayer they didn't haven't talked about that at all yet christian what was your feeling about this trailer and some of the tidbits that i was able to discuss yeah i agree with what you've both said i think rockstar make some of the best trailers or has made some of the best trailers in video game history gta fours were incredible even san andreas if you go on the way back machine which shocking how old that game or how old i am i should say they came how old it is but they do a really good job with their presentation and their cinematics and i think for me watching this reveal or the trailer online reaction that came after it's like we all get swept up in like how beautiful this trailer isn't we're like a home in this this is it's beautiful so great wait they didn't show me anything what am i what am i doing has has anything changed what the mission system what is aiming look like is is gun play better could have like this weird roller coaster we all ride that's amazing and it's like khalif said we're left wondering all these questions which i think is intentional by rockstar right it keeps the conversation going longer than just here's a trailer and here's the new aiming mechanic and we have several months between us in october when this game comes out the thing i think it's most interesting about how they framed this trailer though is that it seems to lean into this idea of like the west is coming to an end the end of the frontier and i'm like oh yeah that's wait a minute that was the theme of the last game.

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