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Gonna go him. I'm going to go on a limb and say that possibly there's a little jungle fever in the past and down your real homes. There steve for figuring that out so it makes you wonder how does how does he do it. Yeah i know. I'm not sure how you figured out that. Sherlock holmes encyclopedia brown steve hudson. She's scalloped one pitcher in salt mystery. Dan is an welcome dylan. There's an actor in this enter. Name is veronica falcons. Are you looking at this. She's in the falcon and the wizard winter soldier. Her name is veronica falcon. We'll just fits as crazy. I will confirm what steve said to be true. There's definitely jungle fever and dude dude. That's that's just fucking going to ancestry dot com and that's all that is look at one pitcher. Yeah so we'll find. We'll find out. Rebecca rikki barnes. We'll find out. We'll find out loki rumors. Roger were had some loki rumors. One of the timelines visited by the time variance authority. The tv loki will be a home of evil for who went completely insane at some point in his life. By chris hemsworth. Yeah dude. It's not confirm chris. Hemsworth is not confirmed to show up in this show. But they're saying that one of the timelines visited by loki when he's part of the tv. A will home of evil. Thor who went completely insane at some point in his life. I love that. I think that's great and i can see. I could see hemsworth doing that too. He seems like he's not done obviously gone to war. He seems like he's still really enjoying himself with this. And yeah bring that on me both orchestra plotline without hemsworth even showing up to you could just see the aftermath of what evil or did true recent video this last week. That showed up on. Chris hemsworth workout. 'cause i know in marvel chevy right now but this is like hitting ready to play whatever. Yeah robert now that you're saying what if he does show up show. We'll check this out. Jake what you said kind of lines up with this next one. Thor rights are the members of a semi religious sect. Fighting in glory of thor each member receives his own hammer as long as he dedicates his life to fight loki and his followers lurking. Around the ruins of post apocalyptic new york. Do you remember one of the shots from the trailer that came out during the disney investor. Day of new york and it pretty much looked decimated wiped out. Could that could that be from the rights. You have very possible that yet does lineup. up like the th- authorites is like a great way ahead to show that this evil. Thor thing did happen at did leave. It's like ripple in the pond and this is what's become of it right right right. Yeah so thoraya. Members of semi religious sect biting in glory of for each member receives his own hammer as he dedicates his life to fight loki. Oh my god okay. Jonathan made jonathan majors. Mortis is one of the timekeepers does manipulations of mortis will get him to create alternate timelines and to become king. Eventually jake remember. We talked about rumors of jonathan majors. Showing up in this key series and we thought is gonna show up. Well guess what. Jonathan majors might show up. As a mortis one of the timekeepers and creates an alternate timeline and becomes king. According to the rumors here by roger goodell. I could see it too seriously seriously. I could totally see this. hold on. i'm not saying it's true but like even in the comic books. There's versions of the conqueror that our future versions of tony. Stark can't shows up is a completely different character in comics for. Yeah yeah kings and fantastic four right. Yeah king rama tut. Yes so yeah kind of a great way to introduce him and it doesn't mean they have to use a whole bunch but it'd be a good way to kind of get him into the mcu familiarity. I don't know. I don't know man guys. I don't know if these fucking ads. i don't know if this is the real. Roger were dell with a real roger ordeal. Please stand up. I have no idea if these are the real. The real roger goodell or this is a fake account and some of these sound like it could be one hundred percent true and some of them. Sound like you could be complete bullshit. I have no idea guys. The reason i'm bringing these up is because when we finally get to see these series awan division loki. We're gonna know this bullshit or not like jacomb. What dan steve. What's wild about this. We did a fucking spoiler episode for endgame and some of the endgame. Spoilers that we gave were dead on and those rumors came from the real heart roger. Wardell you've been right a lot man. I have no reason to doubt it outside of the mystery. Wardell if it's the real world that's the biggest mystery we do out of curiosity Going back to this thing. Is there anything that i should be reading up on. Loki or just go in line Just watch the marvel.

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