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Have you do you think any differently than you did on draft night where on this podcast last week Kuyper who's been team? Daniel Jones is not as bad as you think. Saying I can't get my head around the idea that he goes at six now they've got him out there working PR teams got him before we could get him at seventeen. No, you feel any differently about that pick. I said all along that when we got closer you can't lose him. And we talked about trading up. Is there a trade grooten drilled into my head ever? You can't just trade up unless there's a partner and the Redskins at fifteen divisional rival. So they really believe they had to believe this at Daniel Jones as a franchise quarterback. Okay. That they can't live without his if you're seventeen you wait you're saying here like drew lock they could live without trulock lost your lock. So if you're lock hits, not a genius move. It's just that other teams pass them when they got him. Just like when Russell Wilson fell to Seattle third credit for taking them thirty one other teams didn't but it wasn't like they took him in the first round. So again with with this situation here, you know, I don't know. I think I think they've Gettleman felt like I cannot risk not having. Daniel Jones parts football team moving forward. And the only way I can guarantee that is taken at six seventeen would have been too risky. And if I don't care if you like him, you don't like what the more fans hate them. More chance he has to be successful. Okay. Remember when Ricky Williams over over Donovan McNabb. Ricky williams. Everybody's booing. Sometimes fans are wrong. Sometimes I remember Mike quick when it was very disappointed that Tuttle forehead. We're going way back on that. So you got to be fifty and above understand what I'm saying here. That's not what we're dealing with. But sometimes, but I always referred to the seventies. What can you do? But the answer your question, Chris I looking back on it. I don't have a problem with. Hey, todd. Here's the follow up question. Daniel Jones in two thousand nineteen. I came out of my ear. And I went to get hit my top top your hand. I the top of my hand on this thing. Got a podcast is perfectly..

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