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The vices. Danieli facing Mason Williams Orlando Police Day and then Back to the tap. He ordered Mark Payton. It is a 27 pitches, so it may be just for a hitter or two. Here. See how it goes. A. J. Cole. Continuing to throw in the bison bull pen. Here's the wind and the pitch to Williams. Ask ball out of it in ball one. Because it happened dollars. We got another. Good crowd with a lot of What about a good jerseys here again tonight? As Williams shows bunt takes a breaking ball for a strike. Of course, there's the Alan jerseys getting ready for tomorrow's game. Hey, I saw Thurman towns through everything down here. Wow, Therms getting ready for the game tomorrow we'll be there. Here. You'll see him Pedroia in the house tonight. Yep. Area. But Larry's in the house. Joey bats is in the house. As Williams takes low two balls and a strike, David writes in the House. Trey Whitey's relaxing before the game. Aaron Judge, You better get it going a little bit. Here is he's He was hot as can be. Now he's as cold is going to be as Right back delivers, the 21 swung out fisted out in a shallow center field that's going to dump in there for a base hit. Little jam job to center, and Williams is aboard. Second, It's kind of similar base hit that NATO had even he dumped one into right. Obviously, of course, we got our usual glad at Bulger's. He's plenty of those Blue Jays and action. You need to get it going down 10 to 7 to Baltimore and This top of the seventh.

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