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Welcome to the drawing board PODCAST. This is the founder and host Andre E. Bryan and you know what I always say. Today is a great day where you to manifest what it is that you believe we are in the midst of closing out the six months of the year I have already told you all with relaunch twenty twenty at the beginning of this month. They're twenty. Twenty is not over The best is yet to come. I know that a lot of have had to traverse through a lot of rough terrain we have had some family experiences some professional experiences. Some of us are still yet enduring some of those things. I just have the earnest hoping conviction that. Definitely going to give better, it just means that some of us have to go back to the drawing board. The drawing board is a thought provoking powerful PODCASTS. The challenges you as the listener to examine your life into re imagine the possibilities. Here's a cool unlike the loft for the discussion tonight. Have you exhausted? All of the possibilities that exist within your current opportunity I always promise you quality information from quality. Yes, tonight is no different. I want to I give a special shout out to our sponsors. E Brandon associates a consultancy that consulted develops and support, personal, professional, organizational transformation and to the vibe group to Darius Walid rich burden. mccaskill, who always he's the principal consultant bear will always make sure that he is donating an investing in social causes that advances the humanity in a direction that values that legitimizes that includes and validates every human as being important well tonight on the show I had my brother, my friend, my colleague Dr Christopher, Allen Rogers welcome to the show on my brother. Thank you brother, you run. Appreciate thanks very much good. At. The well, you know we have been known each other the last two years, but we've got the ability to get to know each other. Especially well I'll over the last six months. We were going through a class for aspiring leaders in equity end, including not diversion, but diversity and inclusion many has been a pleasure getting to know you are a multi faceted dynamic brother with a a a myriad of experiences to bring to the table, so let me let me introduce you to the people from. Dr Christopher. Allen Rogers is employed with Detroit Public School community, district in the role of Dean of Culture, and is also an associate professor at Baker. College of Allen Park, located in Alan, Michigan an adjunct professor at Henry. Ford College in Michigan. S, a mouthful of rather. You got your playing full full. Yes sir, so you graduated from HP. See you from the southern. University and am college with Bachelor of Arts. Degree in Missouri in Nineteen ninety-one. You receive your Masters degrees from Beep Southern University in ninety two and mass communications, and you received a doctorate of elasticity management in organizational leadership from the University of Phoenix twenty thirteen. You are a very accomplished brother. Let me ask the question. What is the percentage of African American? People, but specifically African American men that hold a doctor. You know the percentage of dot toil the percentage of people who. Worldwide worldwide is only two percent right, so it has to be I would say probably less than one percent fi eleven point five percent of African American males peasy. That's amazing, and that's going to become very important in our discussion later on so I I just WanNa give them the full breadth of what you've been. Become published man, so you also you graduate? Certificates Management Consulting. In Higher Education from Capella University in two, thousand, sixteen, twenty, eighteen, I also know you are a certified life coach. Well right YELM survive. Absolutely. Absolutely so You've worked within the classroom as a teacher for over ten years teaching grades six through eight nine through twelve. In Technology Integration of for Edison schools conducting PD's for teachers in for four years, and you've received an award teaching excellence award in two thousand seventeen from Baker College, so let me ask you a question. Let's listen. Let's just jump. We do understand that the world is in a position of unrest of the world is in a position of transitioning confronting. It's It's almost like a airing your dirty laundry. you on the clothesline being able to see all the spots blemishes. Inequities that exists within this time out. What is your position particularly on? How do we change our? Main areas that we should be focusing right now because there's a lot of things that need to be corrected, but what are the main areas that we should be focusing on? And how do we begin? Where do we start? So I'm giving a lot of. That's a very good question, so I think as a community, I think we are in a two fold situation. I think the first situation we are trying to free ourselves of the oppression in marginalization has come with being African American people making sure that we have the right opportunities that we're giving where given you know the right chance to do to to make the right criminals, and so forth, and then on the other end there is the cleaning up our own house. And then how does this look for? Our community wants to protest over wants to smoke is clear wants to science go down. What does this look like as a community? Are we more unified, or we still divided within our own community? Are we marginalizing oppressing ourselves as a community? As opposed to your pressure, Marzena comes from the outside, so we're getting hit from both sides in my in my opinion, I would like to see us. After this I would like to see us. become more unified you know become more hole in regards to respect our community respect women taking care of her children, protecting our families, protecting each other on those kinds of things. To what we have into our historically before unfortunate tragedy, tragedy happened with George Sore. And many others Taylor Absolutely not when we talk about unity, because unity has in, it an imagery right, it has a look but it looks different for everyone right so unity. It is a lot of it. Has To do with everyone handling their respective responsibilities and when you handle your responsibility in I, hand my responsibility, and we're headed in the same direction that unifies us when you're a be able to carry your your share of the weight and I'm able to dead in Lydon's my burden I call you know respective unity well as unity. Look like in your eyes for the African American community. Though it looks supporting our own businesses. It looks like. The decreasing crime. it looks like supporting each other building each other up giving each other employment opportunities. They'll all those thanks.

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