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There's not exactly much more this really is it's the one night stay on that lasts for a dozen years and i'm not gonna defend donald trump on any of this other than to say i at some point in time i think we should all feel guilty for allowing ourselves to be exploited let's say i give this woman i give her and her attorney a lot of credit because it seems to me the again this hearing yesterday had nothing to do with her nothing to do with her but she shows up she hijacks the press stuff afterwards what does it do it keeps her in the news and again when you know she's negotiating to come to milwaukee your go to wherever and appear outside a strip club it allows her to upper fee and we're all being played chumps by this and i guess at some point in time it's like a alright i get that it's salacious i get that the president before he was president having a one night stand with this i i hate the phrase porn star i don't know what makes you she's an actress who appears in pornographic films is that different than being a porn star i mean everybody that appears in pornographic movies a star i don't know but but regardless i'm not particular i don't find her to be particularly sympathetic i don't frankly believe the story about somebody came up and said stay away from trump i think she's making that up but that's just my impression of it do i think you know something happened between the two of them yeah but it was kind of twelve years ago and again when people milk milk their fifteen minutes of fame it bothers me at some point in time i think we're going to look back on this period of time two three four or five years ago and just shake our heads and collectively say who is that woman that said she slept with donald trump that one night when whatever happened to her and just kind of all collectively say why did america get in such a tizzy and we won't have a very good answer when we come back big story number two is a big story around here it appears that boston store is.

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