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Holiday party police holiday party. Simple as that. I'm sure he's been on many chases. Guess he just he was a chaser who wanted to try being JC who he said Boehner candidate number one boomer candidate number two. You know, when you think about it? This is the perfect disguise for a porch pirate. North Salt Lake. A delivery driver for Amazon is facing five counts. Oh after homeowners Salt Lake said they caught him stealing packages last week. A homeowner said he noticed a delivery driver acting suspiciously. He was gonna hanging out of the window. Presumably looking for an address the homeowner who did not want to be identified said the homeowner then said, the driver got out of a of an unmarked van with a with a box and went up to a house went up to his house and swapped the box for a package that was already on board. It's brilliant. My first thought was. Excuse me. Excuse me, this computers acting up here. The whole itchy. My first thought was well, he he got the wrong door the homeowner said, but then I realized the package left on the doorstop doorstep was is I saw a text from my wife saying, hey, that's an expensive Amazon delivery, please pick it up. And then I realized what had happened. The the homeowner said he called the police who said calls began to come flooding in about the same driver. Police said they finally found him along with many stolen packages that have been opened. Wow. He'd come up with some sort of a scheme to make it look like the packages were being delivered. And then immediately taking them back and keeping them for himself said sergeant Mitch g- William of the north Salt Lake police department, according to court documents Robert Powell admitted to stealing the packages in north Salt Lake and in Weaver county, he was feeling like the Grinch, and he was taking packages from those. He felt just didn't deserve them and was keeping them for himself. Sergeant William Mr Powell is now facing five counts of delivering Justice for this salt, north Salt Lake neighborhood that same night a cop came and delivered my stolen package back. Very very nice one homeowner said because it's not even like, I mean, if say Amazon gives you a refund or something you want the president these are probably Christmas presents you don't have time to wait for them to send them back. Amazon did release a statement to FOX thirteen saying this kind of behavior is unacceptable does not reflect the high standards that we have were delivery service partners.

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