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Be an increase in dangerous behaviors such as speeding failure to yield to all pedestrians and also unsafe terms officers will be cracking down on those behaviors scott pringle new york police in london are facing a new kind of crimewave correspondent bill zimper has four one one on that police are calling it moped enabled crime where thieves approach people on a moped or scooter and steal bags or phones of unsuspecting pedestrians over the last five years such crimes have increased thirty fold with more than twenty thousand incidents last year in london police are coming up with plans to battle the onslaught like training more officers on pursuing the scooter thieves using remote controlled spikes to puncture tyres of suspects and educating the public wbz news time now five forty rapper chi mania johnson is arrested out of connecticut airport after a state police say she refused to take off a head cover that set off a checkpoint alarm officials say the california hip hop artist then went on a profanity laced tirade against security officers and was arrested after she refused to leave the airport and continued to be combative johnson hit the scene in two thousand fifteen with her debut single how does it feel and appeared in a sprite commercial this year with basketball star lebron james she posted bail after being charged with breach of peace and interfering with police wbz news time five forty one and time for sports let's check in with charlie berge ron from the ticket dot.

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