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And so to match the del taco order, I sort of had to do it like a freak write hashtag Matt foot because this this is why GRA gotta beat and cheese burrito at two potent. Yeah, I got it at Joe to for first round this. You just don't do that. All my first rounders were being cheese. It's like a good being Jesus. Thanks. This just isn't the place to do a bean and cheese burrito. Can execute it. Well, I think it's in there. Yeah. That that's sort of my whole thing is like if they could do this great. I'm sure the rest of it. They, you know, add some more ingredients. Let's see how this breed. Oh, hold itself. Together. You know, I will say for being a. So soft and chewy burrito. Oh, yeah. It was it did keep together. Very well. The beans. I prefer in like bean-and-cheese breed. I prefer the beans to be sort of like more like a refi fried mashed sort situations. These are hold being. Yes, they're very tasty. So I didn't mind, but there's something about the mouth feel of loose beans. Too much. It's a similar thing with japodlay, Dale, the they've got them whole beans and there. Some of those squishy bay mash them up. Yeah. Mash them up, but that's very good at that. The cheese is very good. I, you know, this tortilla talk about this tortilla second, I gotta get sheets made out of this thing. This is software. I love it. I was what I wanted to be the beans and cheese inside. I touched did widdly pet. This burrito to see how it fell. And I was like oh, man. This is this is good. Yeah. This is good. But I had eaten like I said before I got to my. To to my order. So I add brunches yesterday. But I only ate half the queue Dogo order heated up the rest of it today, which brings us to our next segment. The leftovers. Well played. Heated up, and it was really good today. It held up. I was it was as if I had eaten it yesterday is the season one of the leftovers. Just your ringtone. My mom was calling coincidence outside wing. It's on Spotify baby. But you know, what I will say it was a really good bean-and-cheese burrito. You had you had I known that the other meats and stuff were as good as they were. I would have sort of gone a little that way. But there's always next time met your thoughts. Your job experience. Nick verse will say Cuba's got I like anything that starts in Q catch my drift. Non. Give them a pass. Or whatever it is whoever Q and maybe on. Just a maybe it's just a computer program. Canoga quincy. Quinton tarantino? Okay. But I got myself to timer taco you guys are complaining about you know, all these tackles they should have to they should have. They should have there should be more than one tortilla. You could get that with the two timer at that time or my first time there. I don't care. I don't care you dead. It again, if you want, I know, I got it buyer got it. It's good. Oh, yes. For another fucking tortilla. Okay. I think it should just come with one by default software. Timer pulled pork. South aroha? Shredded cheese lettuce PICO to guy. Oh in cotija cheese. Crispy, taco wrapped in a flower to your tortillas spread with three cheese. Oh, plus double decker..

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