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His teeth I i don't. I can't understand a word. You thank island. He walks away. She falls asleep fifteen minutes later kyle and comes back. Wakes her up i saying. Did you wanna talk tomorrow. You wanna talk tomorrow. Land about why just in general what. I don't know what what what did you say. I don't know okay. He stands up looks at her pauses. Let me know. And as he's walking up the stairs he starts talk news of decisions and now they're coming back to bite you in the ass and i'm actually willing to help except you don't wanna talk. I guess the bad decisions continue tiffany. I think he's just mad that she didn't wanna snuggle with them at night again. Honestly i it's weird. It's weird kyle. sorry can go ahead. But he's wearing. I cannot believe this man. So i can fill controlling that like this. She literally she is asleep. She just wants to sleep and she's she doesn't want to come and talk to you in that moment and you feel the need to punish her for that to yourself shash. She knew she must be punished for not coming in talking and other entitled. I'll be. I'll be as generous as possible here in say talking to me And i'm gonna pretend like this is now what cost her the game as it's she she. She stopped trusting me. That cost the game. She won that h. That cost the game. She didn't talk to me that night. That cost her. The get only one thing can cost to the game. Kyle and at some point. It doesn't make any sense for her to cater to your every whim at any editing by you know like i talk and strong frustrated by this man. He's weird. i'm sorry easily I it's been a you know now. It's not even been. He's just very entitled individual. I mean we saw early in the season when he was like having conversations aasa and he was like very control during that is just like i don't know if he understands the way he comes off the people but it's it's very strange and he.

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