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Trusted members of the community, encouraging people to take a Corona virus vaccine. When it becomes available. This runs a little more than one hour. Hello. Good morning. And welcome to this discussion about vaccine confidence and covert 19 vaccines in the United States. My name is Kathryn Blissed. And I'm a senior fellow with the C s. I s Global Health Policy Center. It's my pleasure to introduce this public session. And work of the C S. I s London School of Hygiene and tropical Medicine, High level panel on vaccine, confidence and misinformation. Now I think many in the audience are familiar with the work of the C s. I s commission on strengthening America's help security in 2018. That commission convened a bipartisan group of senior experts on global health, National Security and U S foreign policy. To analyze gaps in U. S health, security and health emergency preparedness and to identify ways to strengthen international actions on collaborations to improve global health security. Much of the commission's work was motivated by the understanding that protecting health overseas is an important element of protecting the health of Americans at home. One of the areas of keen interest for the commission was vaccine hesitancy, in particular the commissioner's father worldwide increase in cases the vaccine preventable diseases like measles, decreasing immunization coverage in the United States and the circulation of misinformation about vaccines on social media and other channels and worried that the American public was increasingly vulnerable to outbreaks of diseases that many communities had really forgotten about. The commissioners were particularly interested in the important role that misinformation and disinformation played and shaping public attitudes about immunizations and parents decisions whether or not to immunize their Children. In its final report released last November, the commission noted that finding ways to improve vaccine confidence should be a priority at the federal, state and local levels over the next several months, which overlaps with the outbreak of covert 19. Urgent work related to the development of vaccines to prevent it. The focus of follow on efforts related to vaccine hesitancy and misinformation shifted to the domestic challenges within the pandemic context in the United States, and it led to the idea of what has become the C S. I s London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, High level panel on vaccine confidence and misinformation. In July, the panel co chairs Steve Morrison. Senior vice president of CFCs, on director of the Global Health Policy Center. And Heidi Larson, professor of anthropology risk and decision science, as well as the director of the Vaccine Confidence project at the London School convened a bipartisan and international group of experts from public health, cybersecurity public opinion research and communications to assess the implications of misinformation and vaccine confidence for U. S National security within the Cove. It con. Text. In October, the panel issued a call to action defining the problems, the vaccine, confidence and misinformation about vaccines as a national security threat. The call to action outlines five key recommendations. Let me briefly tell you about each one. So the wrap of the first one is the rapid launch of an independent panel on vaccines and misinformation to assess the decline in popular trust in science and recommend concrete measures to be taken. National states on local levels. The second relates to innovative approaches to reaching diverse and underserved populations with vaccines and other social services support by integrating the delivery of covert 19 vaccines into a broader platform of assistance, such as other kinds of health care, counseling and referrals for housing or unemployment benefits. The third recommendation centered around pledges and actions by mainstream and digital media to proactively stop this. Bread of mist and disinformation and also to promote collaboration with health providers to amplify scientific content On those platforms. The fourth centered around activism by key social and economic sectors to initiate national dialogue about vaccines and empower people to make informed choices and the fifth recommendation in the call to action centers around federal reform, including interagency leadership of the National Security Council, and Priest US support for global immunization partners to address the issues of immunization within the larger context of confidence around health and vaccine. Now that the call to action is out, we have initiated a serious the public events to discuss the recommendations and here input from other groups. This is the first of those meeting. Our conversation today will really focus on the first recommendation in the call to action that is the establishment of an independent review panel. To assess the root causes of hesitancy around Cove in 19 vaccines in the United States and to develop recommendations to address it. And the diverse communities where it is manifested in January and February, will host additional public meetings on each of the remaining four recommendation that the final report on public launch in April. So step the stage for the conversation will hear first from Dr Molly on Brody, executive vice president, chief operating officer and executive director. Public opinion and survey research at the Kaiser Family Foundation and a co author of the recent Polling analysis on the foundation's new Covert 19 Vaccine Monitor the monitors latest public information, public opinion information was released yesterday. So is really hot off the press and couldn't be timelier when vaccines are being analyzed, authorized for emergency use and distributed in many countries around the world, including now this week in the United States. So at a moment when some media analysis groups are seen tens of thousands of pieces of misinformation about vaccines circulating every week, the percentage of people willing to get a vaccine has risen. But there are considerable variations among the demographic groups as the monitor shows. So after Marley and Brody's presentation, all hand things over to Steve Morrison to introduce our next speakers and moderated discussion. So Molly and Brody about me and by two first to share your slides and latest information now Great. Thank you so much, Katherine. And thank you, Steve and Heidi and everyone CFCs food, bringing all these key, um people together to be having these discussions and to launch just the important national conversation that we need to be having at this time..

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