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Now for whatever. Reason many people in the media that we're giving her no credence or no credibility when she worked here now she's the coastal town and that's something that should be should be concerned the most is Judy Woodruff spoke with Omarosa for. This evening's episode of the PBS. News hour after all those years of knowing. Him surprised that he would come, down so hard on you similize because. We had a very close, relationship as you stated at the open I've met him in, two thousand and three I was still in my twenties. And I wanted to be like him I grew up in poverty so I thought I. Wanna be. A, billionaire one day out go and. Work for Don Donald Trump I'll go try to be on the apprentice and be successful but. Fifteen years later I, never would imagine that he has, the president United States would call me a low life well let's, take some, of the charges, you made one by one calling the president racist we know that there have been a number. Of, statements from from, Donald Trump over the years that calling judges Mexicans who were of Mexican heritage. The years that he. Spent challenging President Obama about where he was born those things that you you. Were involved with the president you were working with him near near him close to him during all that time those things didn't bother you enough to to cause you to to separate yourself from that's one of the most dramatic scenes. In unhinged write-off about taking him. To task for the birther movement and he. Just kind of wrote it off, as kind of political hyperbole and he. Said it's par for the, course when you're in politics and I want it to be, clear that in some ways Very complicit by going into this White House and continuing some of those misconceptions in that lie that he. Continued to tell but you believe his explanation I did because I had. A blind spot, where it came to Donald Trump we were very, close and if he said it some ways I believed it Just following up on. That even when when after he was, president the Charlottesville The comment that they're talking about, both sides bear blame you right in the. Book about being troubled by that but. Not enough to do anything about, it you want on television and defended him I was asked by the president you go on television and defend him because there. Weren't many people from the administration that. Would and it was before he clinic both sides could people on both sides it would be a day. Or two later after, that interview that I. Gave that he said those things and so of, course hindsight is twenty twenty that's Judy Woodruff speaking with Omarosa KOMO news time five forty stocks sports Mariners in Oakland tonight and get a very important three-game series underway with second-place athletics who. Lead the m.'s by. A game and, a half in the American League West for that second spot it'll be lefty Marco Gonzalez going for the Mariners who are four games out of first place in the division after their four game sweep of the west leading Astros who have today, off Seahawks Business the MAC today is training camp continues is done guys scheduled for an off day tomorrow and. Then they'll play in. LA against the, chargers on Saturday and today marks the first beginning of the first full week of fall camp for the huskies who of course opened up the season Saturday September first in Atlanta Against the Auburn Tigers KOMO news time is five forty one. Sports desk I just got back to work today from a couple of weeks vacation loved it but with one exception man did I miss my sleep number said that's. Just how it goes when you? Have this? Incredible, bed that you count on now.

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