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The adult as you approach, Coles Hill Road exit around, 29 were told it is blocking the two left things trying to locate it in one of the nearby traffic cameras. Heading to the scene where the road crews on the wet pavement and snow and the poor visibility as well as you make your way West. If you're out there on the atoll, Luc approaching Coulter Road State of the Right update crash on the Internet before Pennsylvania Avenue there, travel lanes were temporarily stopped with this crash. They now tell us is single file left Getting by the you're jammed trying to do so. In the wet pavement, the poor visibility and the snow falling on the inner loop of the Beltway approaching Pennsylvania Avenue. Do your best to squeeze to the left or perhaps pick your alternates. On the envelope of the Beltway in Montgomery County. Longstanding crash after 3 55 was along the rights are left side of the roadway there. You're getting by staying to the right, Virginia 95 North bound. The vehicle fire was reported north of Lady Smith blocking the right side. It may be out by now. You may experience a brief delay North bound on 95, leaving Lady Smith toward Thornburg. They tell us there's been a crash on eastbound Dulles Toll Road approaching Really Avenue reported as a possible role over there on scene and I'll get you by. They tell us also, that 28 North bound the rent to go west on seven is temporarily stopped. They've closed that exit ramp because of the crash, presumably lots of debris there and de icing needs to be taken. Undertaken to get things reopened there Right now. 28 north as you try to go west on seven. You can't do it. You'll be under police direction plan ahead. West Virginia 81. Your crash is serious. It is north and north of Route nine. Martinsburg and last report. Nothing was getting by meaning that Route nine is your last chance to exit were brought to buy. Merrill Guided investing visit Merrill edge dot com slash investing goals. Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith incorporated both a registered broker, dealer and investment adviser. Member s I. P. C I'm Jo Conway wtlv traffic. Now let's see what Mother Nature is up to this very moment. Here's Mike Standiford Storm team forced Mike Center for They might got storm team for writer dialed up. We're seeing a mix of snow. It's um, sleep well on the Beltway near Alexandria, stretching the camp.

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