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Or whoever else is in the neighborhood it it presents a predicament you know how do we get people back to work and care for their children simultaneously so the trial here opening his some of that the dressed we're here to reducing class sizes upping sanitation keeping toddlers away from one another is not the easiest for her in the world but with reduced class sizes hope we can they can affect more than one of my night asked that is pertinent to this conversation if we can just keep it up just keep up distancing I know it's hard when we're out of balance you know the overwhelming majority of the businesses we work with the people we work with and and contact tracing have been nothing but cooperative and are willing to go along with this and and keep the spread down and we're thankful for that there's a there's always a few out wires there always will be and again if we can just all remain cooperative nope there is no Big Brother out there we're not doing anything with the information other than calling people and telling them you've been exposed I appreciate what you do personally Mike salmon and everyone else in Hamlin county public health sometimes we don't think about the simple things well you know it whether it's about food service stuff or just a you know infectious disease bit STDs or whatever but this was certainly becomes top of mind because it's an immediacy issue of life and death so thank you for taking time to share the information and for all of you doing what you do what hamlet county public health I hope you enjoy the rest your weekend my man likewise my pleasure and stay healthy you too will talk to you again soon quick break come back your chance to get interactive as well as your Sunday sterling seven hundred WLW Tomasello paddy's dream was to be a movie star but after years your dream was going no.

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