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Update on the crash at the Daytona five hundred I'm Lisa illus Sarah fox news driver Ryan Newman in serious but stable condition in a Florida hospital after the horrific crash at the end of the race his car flipped across the finish line landing upside down and then caught fire per share your thoughts and prayers and ask that you respect the privacy of Ryan and his family during this time we appreciate your patience and cooperation and will provide more information as it becomes available NASCAR executive vice president Steve o'donnell at the finish line Denny Hamlin made history with the second straight victory in a photo finish over Ryan Blaney NASCAR's scrap the traditional victory lap party due to the crash which came nineteen years after Dale Earnhardt was killed in the last lap of the two thousand one Daytona five hundred hundreds of Americans evacuated from a cruise ship off the coast of Japan on two US Air Force bases they remain in quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus fourteen of those evacuated confirm to have the only it wasn't discovered that they were infected until after the whole group had boarded buses in Japan and headed to the airport escorted by Japanese health workers in full hazmat gear those patients were kept in an isolated section on the aircraft and are now being treated in Omaha at the university of Nebraska Medical Center for everyone else another two week quarantine begins today on base here and at Lackland Air Force base in Texas where a second charter flight landed early this morning Carolyn Palmer Leschi of Syracuse who shared their experiences on board the ship say they are ready to put this nightmare vacation behind them Sox's clay callin your Travis Air Force base in California officials in China say eighteen hundred sixty eight people have died from the virus there with over seventy two thousand now in fact an apple warning investors that it won't meet its second quarter revenue target due to the outbreak America's listing he's back the award winning journalist returns with an unflinching look at the border crisis what I care about is one thing the truth she's taking on the mainstream media tackling the issues that matter to America one story at a time but we don't have to see where they go we don't know what they've been through this together you can see on their faces this is my core for runners they're not going to give yes this is what you're used to okay three of those that's not the case and we all have families here to protect our borders a third country having the freedom to take on tough subjects and tell it like it is what we have a fox nation that's what sets us apart no bias no nonsense Lara Logan has no agenda the docu series is available now only on fox nation start your free trial at fox nation dot com if you go around your home is push to ban the sale of assault weapons has failed a proposed ban on so called assault weapons including a are fifteen style rifles was rejected by a committee in Virginia's Senate the ban is part of a package of new restrictions on guns championed by Virginia's governor Ralph Northam and newly elected Democrats in the Virginia house of representatives the band pass the house already along party lines but the Senate committee so Democrats join Republicans in rejecting it Democrats won last November's legislative elections on promises of gun control in response to last year's mass shooting in Virginia beach Evan brown fox news higher this morning they said go refinery in Corpus Christi Texas has been put out the company says there were no injuries pier one filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection the move comes less than a couple of months after the troubled home decor retailer said was planning to close up to four hundred and fifty stores in cut cost to slow down spending as it struggles to compete with online retailers like way fair the fort worth Texas based company is in discussions with multiple potential buyers that could acquire the retailer out of bankruptcy and expects the deadline to submit qualified bids to be later in March pending court approval today pier one is closed or initiated going out of business sales at over four hundred locations and is in the process of closing to distribution centers however it's online store is operating normally Hillary Barsky fox news Billy Joel's plan to build a horse stable on his estate on new York's Long Island leaving some neighbors concern the villagers center island has commissioned a study look at the potential environmental impact of animal waste dole wants to build a facility that would hold twelve horses on their twenty five acre property some neighbors have expressed concerns about water run off and the smell of the.

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