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How many people would buy stranger things tshirt after yet after the initial run because it's sort of fashion and sale fashion falls off pretty quickly whereas you could watch the series at any time volks rod that's i definitely see an netflixing getting money through this and well i'm sure when i say volt on it's because that is a popular kids show and parents like a two on netflixing if they're deal to allow them to make originals of bolton include merchandising cut that smart they should do yet but it but that's the i guess that's my point on how far will they go because it is almost assuredly they do not have a deal do so uh you know to to make the money on on baltron merge however they could build a store build merge dot net flicks dot com or maybe even by another company that has a cash afer this like think geek and now all of a sudden you've got a distribution arm with a mailing lists and you can go to marvel you can go to whoever owns the rights for baltron and say look sell us your tshirts we will sell them to our customer base that we already have all their viewing habits we have what all their their demo data this is a absolute dream for merchandiser especially if your role little you know little freer all around the holidays you know before your favorite net flicked show reminding you that merge dot net flicks dot com exists i can see it being get at least in spurts of big money maker it's email they have your email they are able to get into your email on black friday and cyber monday when you're just getting done shopping at stickers are d a dot com that you could go and buy they would know exactly that i love or atlanta and that's why they want to sell me a you know put a bird on it t shirt i'm telling you right now.

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