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Way had just reclaimed the capital from violent criminals who tried to stop Congress from doing our duty. The mob was fed Lodge. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. And I tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government, which they did not like. That's Mitch McConnell just moments ago and all Holy act the mob was fed lies. Well. This difference in feeding lies and actually eating them. Tony Katz, Tony Cats today. 833 got Tony 8334688669, CNN and MSNBC. Him and feeding lies for four years. I just don't eat them. Some people do. He lies, though. Some people problem all up. Yummy, yummy. Good for the tummy. We've been talking about. Cabinet picks from Joe Biden in Is his assistant secretary of health and human services. Dr Rachel Levine. Dr Rachel Venus, transgender. Dr Levin is man. Just so we're clear. It was transgender and uses female pronouns. Now you could say to me, Okay, That's a real problem for HHS Secretary Deputy Secretary Feel free. You have have that opinion if you will. But let's make sure we deal with our issues as we deal with them. The problem with the doctor Is that the doctor? Who is just as responsible as people of governor, Andrew Cuomo for nursing home patients deaths. For example, state Senator Doug Master Yano. Called for Levin's resignation on May 11th. Because Levin's policy of sending elderly patients back to nursing homes at receiving treatment was seen as insane, just like they did in New York because of Governor Cuomo and they were told that they have to comply. They'll be find if they don't comply. Please. Governor Cuomo. Let us send them to the Jacob Javits Field Hospital instead of coming back to the nursing home. Nope. Let us put them on the HSS. The the Naval ship Comfort the U. S naval ship, not HSS. That's Sorry. We're not British. The U. S naval ship comfort. So they can get care for their and not be in the nursing home. Nope. 1000 people died in nursing homes. Janice Dean is right and Andrew Cuomo and his team are terrible. These are the facts cannot be changed. So, Levin said, a send them back to the nursing homes and like you're nuts. You're crazy. Meanwhile, Levin pulled her own mother. His own mother. Levin pulled his own mother. Out of a nursing home. No, no, everybody else they gotta stay in the nursing. Remember nothing. I go back to the nursing home. My mom, I got this. And that's disqualifying. And that's how you know Joe Biden doesn't really have it all together. Joe Biden's just desperate as somebody's transgender to show how low key is. It's amazing Transgender or not. If you're on this progressive side, you really believe you're above the law. Other people die in the nursing homes. But you protected. Your mom is what matters Most. Dr Levine should not be anywhere near health and human services. Because if you're willing to lead, let other people die. What do you know about servicing humans? This brings us to Johnny Manziel. In one of the weirder stranger. I don't get it stories that are out there. The story goes, if you don't who Johnny Manzella is Johnny Manziel's former quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, and Diamonds. L one, eh? Heisman Trophy and Johnny Manziel got to the NFL and thought he was a big deal and you know, full of full of ego and he was a disaster. It was a disaster because Couldn't get out of his own way. He thought he was too good. He thought he was too especially thought he was too important. Johnny Manziel's out of the NFL that he goes to Canadian Football League. It doesn't work. He, uh, ends up in not the XFL, one of those kinds of leagues Canadian Football League Now he was in the Canadian Football League that didn't work the land he was in the American Alliance of Football. Something like that are the XFL. Whichever one. It was they both folded. Right. Bad timing with Corona virus and all. And he can play there and he's now in some fan driven league. You realize he was drafted in 2014. He's only six years out, he could still find a way to play in the NFL. And I thought that he was working towards a level of reclamation project when he recognized that he really ruined the last years of the career of Joe Thomas. Joe Thomas is a guy who was on the offensive line. Who's most probably gonna go the Hall of Fame. Spent his whole career as a Cleveland Brown. No, no winning, no winning None zero winning. I mean, he's one games, but no no winning seasons. Let me just Bad time to be a Cleveland Brown. And China and sell noted, and I read this in 2020 that he, uh He really did waste the career of Joe Thomas. Not being serious about the game of football. He really did waste the career. I said, OK, that's a guy who has some Recognition of not doing it right. And maybe there's ah Maybe there's a future. Maybe there's a future for that guy. I like reclamation projects. What can I say? End, sir. The Cleveland Browns against the Kansas City Chiefs. Where the Chiefs win 20 to 17 and Patrick Holmes got knocked out of the game. Enter. It was a Chad Henny. And, uh, actually does have pretty admirable job. Don't even think the interception. Actually, I didn't watch the gangs. I haven't watching games. I watched some of the video. But then when I was going through the story, I don't even think the interception was his fault. Show some grit. Yeah, I think somebody ran a wrong router got tripped up. That's what I take it. That's beside the point anyway. Right? The Browns lose. So, Johnny Man sell tweets out. This this gift of Stephen A. Smith from ESPN, sipping on a smoothie. And being all you know that s eating grin on his face. Like he's happy the Browns lost. Man. Is there really that much money and being the hell Right. It's a zoo wrestling turn. Pro wrestling term. Maybe but those guys, they're actors. This is real life. What is he? What is he talking smack to the other players on that team. They didn't do any donated release him from a contract. The best is Manzo tweeted out! I'm just petty. I'm not. I'm not even mad, Just petty. What? Why? Other NFL people are gonna look at that. Who wants you on their team? You're gonna tell me you don't want back. You don't want the opportunity back. You don't want the money. That's madness. And it is that kind of thing. I mean, that's actually the reason why I do so little of Social media. I don't know how to respond to that kind of stuff. Who wants that? Like who wants to To lead that kind of life where this is what you do. And how does it help you? Man. If I thought I could, you know, get places or build my career by being a diva. I would be diva being the he'll get you paid. Mm hmm. Maybe when you.

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