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Valley. Manson had initially planned to use Barker ranches, his base of operations. That was where some of the family had stayed for awhile in late 1968. Bye. By now, There were too many of them to fit on Barker ranch. So some of the families spilled over onto the nearby. Myers ranch in the desert, Manson kept his cults busy days were spent digging holes in which to hide food and guns. Building bunkers into hillsides and searching for the bottomless pits the littoral hole in the ground which Charlie had promised his followers. They would be able to use to access an underground city where they could hide out during the coming black man's apocalypse. The result of all of this working and searching was that by nightfall every night. Charlie's followers were too tired to argue our ask questions that which point he'd further subdue them by giving them acid and preach to them in their drugs State about the spoils They were soon to in. July as saviors of the human race. He also talked candidly about how he had murdered shortly Shea because the Ranch Hand had betrayed him. Shortly Shea got cut up into little pieces, Charlie would say that was what would happen to any of the current family members who dared to expose Charlie secrets? Wanna Flynn One of the ranch hands from Spahn had followed the family to the desert, hoping he could do something to get justice for his French Shorty. But once they're Flynn was unsure how to challenge Charlie. And he was afraid to leave. Danny DeCarlo had also followed the family out to Barker ranch. But at some point he was able to escape. He hit out with his bike her friends in Venice, terrified that Charlie was going to send his minions out to the beach to kill him. Some of the family members who hadn't participated in the murders had it really understood the full extent of them until they got out to the desert, where Susan and Charlie got in the habit of telling highly explicit even embellished stories about their crimes. A few of the younger girls like Barbara Hoyts And Kitti lead singer, the girlfriend of Bobby Beausoleil who was pregnant with his baby, heard these stories and wanted to leave the family. They were so far out in the middle of nowhere that they felt they had no where they could go. Kitty didn't know that back in Los Angeles. County investigators were looking for her because they wanted to question her before bodies trial. Eventually, Barbara and another young Manson girl, Sherry Cooper, Snuka the ranch walked sixteen hours across the desert before finally coming to a general store in the town of Bala rats where they're able to hitch a ride back to LA.

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