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But unfortunately it's not in writing. How did you feel about the fact that Michael kept chimpanzees at Neverland went to see him to tell him it was bad. That was bubbles. I think the public by the way is living a wonderful in retirement, very beautiful chip, whereas him and bubbles has a great the skill. He takes a little piece of paper. Benson, half makes whole amend makes a mosque. So I have a mosque make by levels and you met CoCo once. Right, thicker twice on Weiss. Yeah. A lot of people somehow, I think maybe mistakenly really associate you with cocoa, but it wasn't. You didn't have. Now they mistake me with grenades in the midst of Sigourney Weaver and an eight person. Get your own movies. I had a flight attendant and she was very polite on the flight. As I left. She said, it's been such an honor to heavy on the flight mitzvahs smiled up my, you know, she's going to say, guess who I had on my plight and they say, but she's done to. And you just for the record though, you actually knew dime quite well, right? Yeah, I think you'd said that she was a little bit more take risks more than you would out in the while. Rashit connive begged and begged is dying. What with the local people? No, I can't. Because if they get to know the guerrillas the poaching will be was Lissette. But with us, the chimps know the difference between people who work with them and people who don't. And you always say, why do people think chips or intelligence? So you'll realize will absolutely no their own stuff. I think the thing that you also said at one point that she may have been a little envious of both you and baroque because because of what there was something you've got children and husband son's. Yeah, she really. That was a big thing for her to should never very tortured woman. Very sad in two thousand. Thousand fifteen near the end of the Obama administration. The US finally classified chimpanzees as a fully endangered species as opposed to remaining split status which allowed them to be experimented on. I guess that's something you had long called for. I don't think you were share you'd ever see. Now, in contrast, we have the Trump administration drastically cutting funding to US aid, which supports the Jane Goodall institute among other things. What's your take on the direction in which America's leadership is heading on these issues under our current administration? Well, I think you can imagine how I feel about it and Oviously every time. One of these things goes up Bill is put into the house in congress wig into best to try and prevent it being paused. I mean, that's all we can do. But at this, you know, that's why what so hard with the young people. So. So even if you can't fight a current administration, you can work to get young people coming up who have different set of values and who understand that it's not. It literally is not possible to have unlimited economic development on a planet with finite natural resources and the sooner we realize we depend on mother nature and we go on destroying mother nature at our own peril and all we not any longer worrying about future generations. We only worrying about right here and now how sad, if that's true, many of us in America are confounded by an constantly trying to figure out President Trump. You have reached. The conclusion that I think was was very fascinating and it got a little bit of pickup. You believe that he reminds you of chimpanzee. Right? I didn't say that this is the fallacy. See what I said was that when male chimpanzees competing for dominance, many of their behaviors remind me of Sutton politicians when they are also competing for dominance and probably at the Atlantic monthly. And I think Donald Trump's name did come up put because compared him with a chimp it would be kind of insulting, well, that's nothing that he has ever done either. But in terms of anyway, it would be insulting to the. To get this right. How has climate change already affected gempts? Well, what it what it does. It's made, you know, we used to have very clear rainy season with the short reigns, the long rains in the dry season. Now, no short, long range. It's kind of a muddle..

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