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Small business technology advisors can help you find just the right tech call eight seven seven by dell that's an easy call to make an eight seven seven by dell corpus at dell dot com slash small business traffic and weather together on newsradio one thousand Katie okay Oklahoma's first news this report is sponsored by Walgreens from the CBD plus USA total traffic studio interstates very busy already but no major trouble so far whatever mind you again the people road will have intermittent closures at I. forty that'll be eight A. M. to four PM today for placement of bridge beams road came total traffic at Walgreens your day doesn't have to stop for diabetes get expert diabetes advice twenty four seven find all major brands of testing supplies like Walgreens true metrics and download tools to help you stay on track stop by and talk to your Walgreens pharmacist today Hey there Oklahoma City the dangerous heat continues today we do not have an excessive heat warning because the dew points won't be quite as high still though expecting a heat index in the low one hundred to a high of ninety eight degrees of the breezy south winds tonight dropping down to the mid seventies tomorrow once again in the upper nineties with the heat index to one oh five for OKC with the breezy south winds are front starts to move in late Sunday we'll have a nice cool down on Monday with increasing storm chances for the four one storm centimeter all just Emily Sutton this report is sponsored by Bob Howard Acura now the new twenty nineteen RDS radio reporter for thirty six months message and data rates may apply when did it become OK for men to be Lazier we need to bring the men of this country back to greatness with ageless male Max with an ingredient that helps boost your total testosterone.

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