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Eight thirty seven out of ten kfi thirteen ten. Fda dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios joined this morning by he who must not be questioned. Kevin car fat guy at the movies that kyw's at the movies. Hey kevin how you doing good this name. That's what i wanna know. Well because i remember our conversation when we're talking about news. Anchors who had hosted saturday night live. And you're sitting there and you're and i almost feel those wheels turn in your brain you're like edwin edwin edwin. I'm like no was brian williams. You're like no no no no no it was ed. Newman you nailed it. It work credit is to well. What's funny is is. I was a. I was probably young teenager then when that was so. I never watched the news at that. I wasn't i wasn't like a news junkie or anything fourteen or whatever but still somehow that that stuck in my slabs learned my lesson no longer ever question your prowess thank you. I appreciate on that topic. Yes they'll be questioned all the time. I'm sure of course all right so we've got some new releases both large and small in theaters both large and small. let's start with spiral by role. Is the latest reboot of the saw franchise. If you remember that from about it's been almost twenty years since i came out. Yeah and it's fascinating. Because i when i when i saw the first installment of the two hundred and fifty seven installments saw. It seemed like there were that then and who was. Who was the actor. The play jigsaw copen bell tobin bell. Do you know that he always wanted to be a romantic lead in films and he winds up as jigsaw. Yeah i love the fact what i loved about. Tobin bell is him braced. Ed is did he. He he was he was just sort of the somewhat obscure actor handle a bit part in the firm. He played an assassin in the firm and he stumbled on this thing. And he's like. I'll i'll go with it i i. I respect that people who who they don't there's some people that just roll their eyes and be like horror movie but he it he. He capitalized on the chance. And that was great. Oh yeah he's certainly did but what was interesting. Is you know. I had that same. Take on the first of four or five installments jigsaw. No i would say on the first couple of once. And then i went. You know this is twisted very very dark but it's almost kind of and you might find this a stretch a morality tale. Well no actually i. I've i've said this before at least opens the first ones like you said. By the time they got to the sixth or seventh movie. Innocent people were being putting these tortures devices but there was this there was this message of. You're not you're not living life to the fullest or or you're doing stuff that's wrong or there's come up you're getting and and you may have to extract yourself violently out of one of these devices but you'll be a better person for it with that in mind since you brought that up. That's one of the things. I like about this new saw is there's there's a certain level of consequence that that comes from these devices now they take a different approach than than the jigsaw character. Originally jigsaw character was he had cancer and he said people were living life to the fullest and he kinda got people that are wasting themselves But it was a But in this one. You've got the chris. Rock is executive produce. Amy starring in it and he plays he plays a a a detective who As of course the kind of criminals don't like him because he's a cop the other cops unlike him because he had turned in another police officer for Doing something illegal on on the job and so all of them you know they're they're looking at As you know suspiciously and you know. They're call him a rat and everything and there is this new serial killer who is going after dirty cops and he's still trying to solve this murder. These murderers because you know it's it's at least trying to do the right thing. And so it kind of falls into that level of a police procedural which the first couple of saw movies had that to a degree. But this is a little bit. You know it's more sort of baked into the story like you would see like like tv show like a police procedural tv show. And and that's that's why. I think it kind of goes back to the well. It also gets the the director darren. Lynn bowsman directed the first. Well he didn't drop the first one but he's drexel like two through five or something like that so they kind of go back to this the saw movies history. And and and that's kinda why i what i liked the movie I mean it's it's violent it's uncomfortable. It's visceral graphic but it's some of you kind of expect that sort of get what's pay for right. Yeah if you love and prejudice and that your favorite movie. You probably aren't going to go on. You might wanna go find yourself. Around com part tobin bell neva part. And he may have. I mean yeah. Small quick and the dead to. Yeah he knocked around is just sort of a character actor for a long time until he until you've got this role and and But one thing. I wanna point out with this one is Ah chris rock. I gave him credit. This is. he's known for comedy and he's done drama before he did the apart new jack city and of course he was in the fargo. Tv show but This is this is a different role for him. He you know he has some funny lines. But it's almost there the funny lines that he just kinda throws out there and they're almost too real There's a darkness behind it but he plays a darker character at a a meteor character. And i'd like to see tim do more of this stuff. That's pretty cool. I like when they break type. You don't expect it but when they do it. Well it's it's fun to watch all right. Let's see angelina jolie. Those who wish me dead. Yes this is on feet and this is in theaters and in each on. Hbo max so you've got a choice with this one. Where does he. Because the warner brothers release and that's how they're doing all this stuff twenty twenty one i is. She plays a forest ranger who helps fight fires and as while. She's of in one of the fire towers. She comes across his boy whose Escaped in the woods and he's being chased by assassins who killed his father and she kind of takes him under her wing to try and save them now. I want to caution you on this. The being marketed as a big action movie. And it's not. I mean it has action scenes that but you know if you're looking for fast and furious in the woods not what you're gonna get. It's it's ridden directed by taylor sheridan and he he works on yellowstone and he did movies like helen. Hi hell or high water He also did wind river. he's kind of known for doing. Classic western motifs stories in a modern setting. And so it's a much more if you pardon the pun and so much more of a slow burn It's a much more of a character piece. So so if you're going just like lickety-split action that's not what it is it's still a good movie Maybe a little overwritten at times with some of the drama. But you know what you're getting into because what always bothers me is when you see a movie you're like oh they're not quite marketing that.

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