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Call it a comeback. Jason Dick back in the house. Do you guys miss me? You guys missed anybody. I missed your big guy. I love the pictures from your You're Gilligan's Island 10 10 Day cruise in a while. That was fantastic. Had had a great time. A refreshing break, and it's good to be back with you guys ate 3605 90. That is my long term Long term broadcast mentor the great at Clement's. How are you at Happy New Year? What's going on, buddy? Happy New Year to you. I tell you what, this weather I played golf Saturday and Sunday had a good walk today. A love love the weather. But, man Oh, man, Do you think we have anything to talk about today, Jason? Anything at all from the college level to the pro level to college basketball. There's not anything to talk about. First of all, say what up to our guy Beato, who's out this week? Because we're committed to making sure that the full show is never here all in one place Once again. It's really a safety protocol. And this is still covert, delicate time. As long as we keep the three of a separate then there's no way it can wipe out the entire show. That is. How was your covert pro? To call on the island of value. How was that? That was that I'll have you know, and that I was. I was tested as everybody is before they enter the island of Hawaii. Negative four for four on negative tests for your boy on then I enjoyed a week, two weeks in paradise without in in a state that has not riddled with coronavirus like this one, so I know there's some people out there shaming me. Go ahead. Shame away. But, yeah, As I had mentioned plenty to get to on the program today, the NFL season is officially the regular season. Officially in the books. Cowboys had a chance to make the playoffs on Sunday. Spoiler alert They didn't make it didn't do it. I will get to that, where the Eagles tanking on Sunday night football that was despicable. That was totally this spectacle and Shaka Smart's Longhorns are flipping Top five team. We'll We'll get to all of that on the program, but of course, of course, our first story of 2021. The Longhorns have a new football coach Steve Sarkeesian, currently the offensive coordinator at Alabama will take over for the surprise fired Tom Herman. We're gonna break this down, rip this open from top to bottom, but the announcement was made early Saturday. Ed Clements your initial reaction. Steve Sarkisian, next coach at Texas Well, Yeah. Starts mint. Well, can I start at at about 10 20 on Saturday morning when I'm enjoying a breakfast taco and son Ben calls me from the road and said Tom Herman just got fired. You know, you could have knocked me down with a feather. First of all, I was exceedingly surprised that he got fired of the other morning the day after what we have when it would Saturday. I was shocked because Krystal contact had led us to believe he was going to be the coach in 2021 Crystal cont a talk to the to the new recruits and said, Hey, Tom, Herman is going to be your coach. Don't worry. Don't worry. And then Tom Herman goes out and the team blows the doors off Colorado, maybe maybe his best win in Texas. Yeah, maybe his best best win it Texas and I thought I thought Thomas secure for another year. We saw a glimpse of be John and Casey Thompson and over shown on defense. I thought, well, this is You know, let's get it done. Let's let's just get it done. But Wow, I was absolutely shocked about that. And then let me just say I was doubly shocked. Five hours later, when Steve Sarkisian got the job as head coach of the University of Texas, I was Flabbergasted about that decision. I am shocked at that decision. Let me let me preface. I wish him well, I wish him well, but I'm scratching my head over this higher. Steve Sarkisian is an excellent play caller for Alabama. But Jason, you and I and Vito could call place for Alabama with the players they have. Let's be brutally honest. Steve Sarkisian was an average head coach at Washington. He got fired for drinking at USC, and then he's been under the arms of Nick Saban. Ever since he was he was in Atlanta for two years as a ineffective offensive play caller on end of offensive coordinator So he gets this job and I'm a first inclination was y Steve Sarkisian. But I think I know why we could get in later. But I'm really, really shocked that this all went down. After I've been telling people I give this higher, maybe a B in baseball things. It's a It's a single runner headed the second base, but no, this is not a home run. I think Texas trades apples for apples. When they hired Tom Herman. They got the former offensive play caller for Urban Meyer. Now Texas gets the play caller from Nick Saban. And here we go again. And one other thing. I know I'm dominating. Not good for you. Let me just say this. It's finally and listen. I've been follow along or football a long time. Texas is a mid level program. Jason. It's not an elite program anymore. We're not an elite program anymore. I hate to say, and I fought callers and people saying You let the outside influence the inside of the 40 acres. And you know what? I fought that enough off that, But you know what? They're right. This program is dominated by rich moose tres That's what it is, and rich boosters got what they wanted over the weekend. And we're going forward. And I hope they're right. And again, Steve Sarkisian is I trust I saw the soon we were on the air with men on the end zone club. Seems like a very nice guy. But to me this is apples for apples in my excited about this. No, I'm not excited about this at all. And part of me feels real sorry for Tom Herman getting lied to by the athletic department and those recruits getting lied to by the athletic department and the assistant coaches who now have to pack up and leave. Get lied to by there by their bosses. 83605 90 degree with that Clements is take their eye. I talked myself into Steve Sarkisian. And maybe you're talking me back out 51283605 90. I'm gonna will come back. I'll push back on a little bit of that. Talk more about the Tom Herman situation as well. We want to hear from you 83605 91 you think of the new head coach. Longhorn football. It's sports talk Jason and Vito back in just a moment. Wall Street. Oh, a fondue set..

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