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How much does he have disgorges to keep defense honest? Like how much our notable does need to be ten points drive here. And they're not done a couple of free throws. Okay. Three, you know, just the people eat maybe eight to ten of field goal attempts game because he's got surrounded by guys who want to score and love to score. Michael Thompson, joins Michael. I know you watch a ton of NBA basketball, not just the Lakers and the warriors. But how good is Luca Donka ch. And how how does he now and how good is he going to because you watch him and he's a kid, and he's just getting started. I know he played his appro in the in the European league for a while. But it feels like he's going to be a guy that is an all NBA player for very long time. Then listen, I don't understand. Obviously, I was all finished drafting my boy from the Bahamas de'andre eight big eight and fan, and you know, that support my boys in the Bahamas, but I don't understand how to kings the hawks and Memphis pass on that. Boy. I don't get it. Nineteen year old kid six eight playmaker score plays with with with some some charisma and pays consciously place. And I like Bagley trae young it'll be all right. But this is like you say mantis gives them off for years to come in. I don't understand how they watch this kid over there in your as a seventeen eighteen nineteen year old player, but he's thirty. Oh, men second lead in the world dominate over there. And you don't want that kid. I don't wanna stand. I wouldn't Scott. We'll look at that. Just baffles me as we watch this kid develop Dallas right now and Michael shifting gears. We were talking earlier about the dodgers and the Bryce Harper sweepstakes. And the dodgers being linked to him. You know, it's going to be thirty to forty million dollars a year. People are estimating eight you think the? Gers need Harper and be how much better do you think he is actually than Yasuko Puig's, especially considering the price especially considering that pass? Let me ask patina show short the dodgers the dodgers sign Bryce off. They need a stall Bryce Harper. What do you think I say, they do what do you say? But teen watches every dodge against you produce dodgers network. She talks to me about the dodgers. Nobody knows about baseball and this play the Bettina shorts. What do you think we offer? These put a right with is the thirty five year too, much forty man a year and dodge rethink I'm asking Tina. Low thirty. She says, but but I'm with Tina they need to sign Bryce offer Ireland to they thumbs up Donald on hopper hundred percent artists signed Bryce off a win freaking L LA A's used to stars. And that the Lakers understand that they can afford them. Besides isn't that right? Heel fans kinda short. No. Give them, but the okay. Let's see what he laying here of four or five year deal. Once fifty four one fifty four you'll sign up forty million takes him up the age thirty thirty eight thirty still be sure to thirty two four year deal. I think he's only twenty four five exactly I take he can get another one after that. And and you know, he'll hit thirty five Illit forty home runs. And so you know that he's gonna keep his value up. So yes, I'm Bryce hopper is all about spa power and L even forty thousand air game. And I mean, you.

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