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Gables Gables. Yeah. No. That's not happening. Dan. No, max Johnson. The nephew of Mark richt is going to L S U. How about that? So he spurning Coral Gables for Baton Rouge. Wow. That doesn't reflect well a Mark richt. I hate to say. Dinner or a holiday dinners, not going to be saying think about this. You can't even recruit your flesh and blood so far kid being recruited by them. My question is wait a minute. You can't even get your flesh and blood compla- for you. Why should I come play for you? That is something that you have to look at and be a little concerned about right? I mean, maybe it's too much pressure to go play for your, you know, your cousin. I get it. But if you're Mark richt, and you have a family member who is a highly ranked and highly recruited quarterback prospect. What's one thing you needs there at Miami? You know, what's his name me grows year, whatever his name is isn't any good? Quarterbacks there. He can't even get his cousin to come out there. We'd have a good shot to start as a true. Freshman does reflect well on Mark richt nephews, nephew even worse. Does not reflect well on him. And I'll tell you what good job at orange Ron winning that recruiting battle. How about that? That is that is amazing. Right. I still can't get over that. Concerned about Mark richt? Being a success down there in Miami. No, I think you'll be successful enough. But like at Georgia. They'll get tired of the fact that he'll win nine ten games have a bad loss here. And there that keeps them out of true national contention at some point. They'll just be like, all right. It's time to move on to somebody else. That's just going to end up happening. It always happens with Mark richt. It's like he's calling sign happened at Georgia. Right. How many years was it? Like this year. They're gonna win a national championship. You have some terrible loss on the schedule and finished ten in one or ten and two top seven top five in the country was never good enough. Nope. Another quick out. Let's talk some hockey, Dan. We didn't get to the last night. We're going to get to tonight the Buffalo Sabres have you paid attention to the NHL standings. They have the the most points in the NHL at thirty six points after twenty five games now someone else's tied with them. But after last night before tonight's action. Okay. No team that finished the previous season with the worst record has ever had the most points outright after twenty five games which to Buffalo Sabres did how about the amazing turnaround up there in buffalo. You know, they they really remind me the Oakland A's. And here's why they've won ten in a row. The Toronto Maple Leafs have tied them with thirty six. They're gonna choke in the postseason is that we say, probably here's what I don't understand. I mean their goal differential is plus eleven to put that in perspective Toronto plus twenty-six Tampa Bay plus twenty two. In the Western Conference national in Colorado, Colorado or plus twenty two buffaloes plus eleven that's not great. They don't score a lot of goals. I mean, they've always scored seventy nine goals in twenty five games Jack Eichel you number two overall pick for years back. He's not exactly lighten it up. They have one goal score in double digits right now. Jeff Skinner has got nineteen. The goalies are okay. It's Oakland as time here smoke and mirrors, no idea. How buffalo had the worst record at all hockey last year to twenty five games has the best record. I don't see it holding up because I don't know how they're doing it. But it is impressive that they've been able to do what they've done through twenty five games. I agree. I it's stunning to be I have not been paying much attention to the NHL standings. But when I heard that stat, I was like, wow. How about that? Buffalo's been terrible for how long seems like a decade since Dominic Kasich. Yeah. The goal. He was winning trophies left. And right. Yeah. Absolutely. All right. Let's move on quick out another quick out here. The aids they might might have a new waterfront ballpark in Oakland with views of San Francisco the bay bridge and the portable they have a goal to open this new ballpark in twenty twenty three. It's at the Howard terminal. I believe it's six miles from the Oakland calcium where they play currently. Right. How excited she we'd be Dan? That this new ballpark will actually. Come to pass. Should we tend not very? Not very. Ballparks have been getting smaller and smaller. Okay. Yep. Target field seats a little under thirty nine thousand PNC seats a little over thirty eight fenway's at about thirty eight but that's different because it was built in a different time. Kaufmann stadium's a little under thirty eight progressive is progressive in Tropicana or the smallest this'll be a thirty four thousand seat stadium looks nice very environmentally conscious with the trees growing and things like that. Listen if they can really build it with private financing. Then by all means do it. When you start hitting up the tax payers where I have a problem. You know, when you have rich owners, I think it's a nice try. I just don't believe it's going to happen. It just seems to be going smoothly in the state of California nothing goes smoothly. When you think about having big building projects when you talk about the environmentalist and some endangered earthworm living under that soil that they're going to be digging up. I just look I hope it happens because that teams just beaten up by the fact that they played such a crappy stadium, but thirty four thousand tells you that they just don't expect to get people to show up. Right. That's capacity, Oakland Alameda is forty seven thousand and change. You're going to go thirteen thousand seats less than that. My goodness. If you don't fill it every night. Then why the heck are you going to build it, and they're not gonna fill it with thirty four thousand. No. But they definitely need need new stadium. If they don't get this done. I think it's time to move which think then. Yeah. If if this doesn't happen they have every right to move and Oakland has every right to lose that team the way that the Saint Louis Rams, look the Rams had every right to leave Saint Louis and that crappy Edward Jones dome. Which was just an absolute abhorrent place to play ask Reggie Bush wants wealth million bucks because he got hurt their remember that? Yeah. I do remember that. Yes. Yes. I just you know, what I'm kind of. Join up a Lank because he played his final season in buffalo. And it was like one of the worst ever. I think he had the worst season ever which is like anybody who's over twenty carries and not an actually having negative yardage on the season. Right. Yeah. Pretty set for one of the greatest college football players of all time. Who by the way, we had a great time sitting down with in July Lake Tahoe. Yeah. It doesn't actually on the NFL. Good. Do we have with them? This just in the Michigan wolverines destroyed the UNC tarheels eighty four sixty seven. I'm going to get the final score. Right. Whatever they by double digits. They've that's right. Impressed with Michigan and should Michigan. But how about this is Michigan the best team in college basketball? There in that conversation. That was an impressive win impr-. I mean to shoot eleven of twenty three from the free throw line and still win by almost twenty points is impressive. They're a deep team. You got a bunch of guys who can score. I think Michigan's team that plays defense. They held North Carolina under forty percent shooting from the field. Thirty three percent from three point land. Are they as talented as Duke? No. But you don't have to be as talented to winning college basketball. They play like a team to be they're closer to a Gonzaga than they are to a Duke dukes like the old Kentucky teams of one in Duns. That doesn't always get it done though. I think Michigan the way they're constructed right now. Has legit argument to be number one clearly though a top three team at this point. No question. One more for you Kylo Murray. Excellent season for the Oklahoma Sooners in his first year starting there. Right. Should he rethink his plans to give up football and turn pro and play baseball? No, no, no. He's a fun college quarterback to watch. You'll be invited to New York. The Heisman Trophy presentation. He can sit there with Dwayne Haskins and enjoy watching to go up there and get his Heisman Trophy three quarterbacks. Unbelievable. Right. I mean, come on. But the fact is Kylie Murray is tiny. He's maybe five foot Ted. He's not an NFL prospect the running he does in college at his size. That's not gonna fly in the NFL. He would get absolutely killed killed. If he played in the NFL the Oakland A's drafted him as a top ten pick because he's a legit outfield. Prospect for baseball he has been since high school. I think Kyla Murray make the right choice. Enjoy this season. See how far you get. If you get into that top four, congratulations. A national title. But this is it for Kyle Murray. He is not an NFL prospect. He's gonna make his money and major league baseball. I agree. Yeah. I I think you're right. What he's gonna make his what six million has that signing bonus. Right. Yeah. Yup. I don't know. What what position does he play baseball? I don't even know much about these outfielder. He's an okay makes sense because he hasn't been throwing on he can hit. I mean, you know, what I was looking at the Mets. I bet side. That's at five nine. Short. Are we do on the comparisons? I don't know we Kyle emerge. Black. I had no idea then. What do you like? So few black American baseball players, right? We're going to pick one. We always fall into that trap. Right. No, basketball, volleyball, snow. I'm looking at by the way, you know, Michael Vick came out and said that Lamar Jackson reminds them remind. Himself. The play is is I was watching them running Sunday. I'm thinking I thought it looked just like Michael Vick. Right. But if you say that then, you know, I know why can't why why do I have to compare it to another black quarterback had smart guy? Compare. Kyla Moore's baseball. I got it style. A white player. I got it. Good Mookie Betts. That is quick out here every night on going deep. There is I don't know if you saw this, Sean we have to talk about this because it's interesting. There's an allegation by Eric Reed of the Carolina Panthers. This one's a strange allegation by him. Is the NFL targeting him? Because obviously, he's a nealer in a way that you would least expect it the players association looking into possible excessive drug testing going deep. Dan, Schwartzman, NBC sports radio in the NBC sports radio mobile app. Feels like.

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