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She's a black woman and a young in psychologist writer rehabilitation counselor, and most recently at interfaith minister according to her website. Her books include African. Americans in a young in psychology leaving the shadows from two thousand seventeen. archetypal. Grief. Is An archetypal archetypal yeah. Archetypal Grief Slavery's legacy of intergenerational child loss from two thousand eighteen and the Racial Complex Union perspective on culture in from two, thousand, nineteen yeah. Well. Yeah. This is I. always watching a Youtube video from the twenty eighteen book. The archetypal grief. In it's nuts and I'm. I'm super. Glad that. We're able to talk about one day of the great to have her on the show. Why can't I? Really I can't wait to read her book Highly recommend over stuff. So okay. So all that said let's say we've. After we talked about this really heavy topic I just WanNa talk quickly about more you. Okay. So let's say you've identified a blurred stranger as our shadow selves in a dream. What should we do next? So as you're able to identify this being as your shadow self in Europe stop ahead and doing some deep personnel sub-conscious work. If, a shadow soft talks to you on a dreamer as a question, do your best to remember it. When you wake up because then you can try your best to create a conscious conversation with them. I think. He. Does this again, she's coming up a lot lately. I'm not joking her imaginary friends are Eco Shadow. But no, but this is actually this super great advice. So listeners let us know if you have this conversation with your shadow self and I I think why amid a media one time this was last year and she was like try to have a conversation with your ancestors by having this like t time with them, and so like you you set a table as. Though they are there with you and you ask them questions I think you could do something very similar and you could write down your questions. She actually recommended with your non dominant hand to write out what you that what you think what spirit is communicating responses that's very specific to like communing with the those who have passed but if you to do that with your shadow. I think it's absolutely possible. So and I know this is not the end of tag motion itself. What if the shadow never leaves? Doesn't. It's always..

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