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The mets pitching staff particularly the bullpen as the mets lose here this afternoon in milwaukee eight two seven the brewers ended up taking three out of four in this series after the mets won game one and it was really the mets relief staff that gave it up each of the last three games on friday was the brewers scoring in the bottom of the tenth against the mets bullpen to win yesterday milwaukee scored a whole bunch of runs against the mets pen twelve of them to be exact and then today the mets had a lead let let it slip in the bottom of the seventh inning robert casselman jerry blevins and paul seaworld combined to give up four runs in that seventh inning that did the mets in today eight two seven milwaukee the final here at miller park i'm wayne randazzo this is the mets post game show on the wwl wire mets radio network this series got off to a very good start for the bats on thursday night behind stephen mazzi five nothing but it was a crushing downfall from there as the mets lose three in a row they're just a game above five hundred at this point and a very disappointing way to lose a few of these games considering the mets offense did come through they rallied in the ninth inning to tie the game on friday they got out to an early lead yesterday and again today the mets put up seven runs in this ball game and they lose it against the brewers eight two seven the final score for mets offense that had been scuffling the offense was not the issue in this series in fact back to back losses scoring six or more runs according to the great statistician eric cornick the first time the mets have done that any eleven years two thousand seven the last week of that two thousand seven season by the way when the mets last loss back to back games scoring six or more runs eight seven the final today we'll have the highlights coming up scores morale in the major leagues is well i'm wayne randazzo this is the best post game show the wwl warr mets radio network watch the world's top tennis stars clash in thrilling grand slam event it's the french open on tennis channel don't miss i ball to last coverage from paris the french open live now through june ten on tennis channel.

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