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Sign what fire. Per, or Bumgarner steel cage match Leave Mad Max beyond thunderdome was Tina Turner movie I. Love Tina Turner Tina Turner was in the lounge in Vegas right See you moving your shoulders back. And forth white man. Overbuying oh yes love got to do with, it Gary and. Larry weekdays. Ten. To, one, on cable and be six eighth Right back. Your AT and t., park were the Diamondbacks salvage, game, in this, series, they went three two and this was a, dud Good pitching, can make it. Seem like everybody's flat, and tired. One nothing less than it was exciting. This is a done well I mean you you did win this was. So yeah it is, a godly was very good It's kind of funny remember acted, April yet, where the, best stars, who've seen all year he went seven struck out nine lot for. It tonight he was pretty good. He was affectively wild. He, hit three guys, I don't think. Any of them were, intentional but. Still I mean you know He kept them up balance. And Derek Rodriguez to be he was just a little. Bit off of this. Command was missing outside. Wasn't shaving the corners. Like we'd seen him during the previous nine, starts reallowed, to runs, or less So I guess you know you say a bad start for him, his five innings and allowing three runs which is still pretty good but tonight Zach godly was better The giants they weren't scoring. Runs in that, road trip after they won the first two games. In l. a.. And these these last five, games they won four of them and, then lost tonight but they're still I, think twelve runs total in. Those five days so the offense It's just it's just not there right now and and they're banged up a little bit and the, guy the last three games the guy that was. Providing the offense, Stephen Duggar now they've lost him he's on the. Disabled list so Nobody knew what the result of the the MRI was before the ball game so I don't know if the. Chance will have any more on that everybody's hoping that it's it's nothing real serious but, man he was he was just an in so strong and getting big hits and making. Great defensive plays, and catches and throws and and whatnot, and he was he was like the key guy in three straight wins here before tonight so that that's kind of a Downer, just took to lose him in and, of itself and they still they. Made their run there and. They In the eighth inning so you. Know they're battling it's kinda like the MAC Williamson deal Yeah it is I mean in a different kind of way Williamson was, sitting home runs but couldn't wait to get to. The park to see the guy play and. Then he tumbles down the left you line he's out and he's still not playing this. It's been kind, of a. Season really is really has, well tonight Was it. Was it was what did you say if. It was Dudley Dudley will pick our players when we come back We think it's important.

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