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Give them Sunday. And I wrote a conscious a few weeks ago, and since then in the US Senate not because of my own, the cases so obvious. There's been real movement. There's been a whole raft of Democrats. Even some Republicans are beginning to sign on a lot of Republicans privately upset. If you can get it going out, be there for you. And so a real unblocking, so that would be the one obvious policy. I think just to get I. Don't know what service they do just to get kids from Berkeley in the same team with kids from mobile. Alabama would do a lot in this is true in Canada to imagine getting kids from East and West, just having that life experience together. That would go a long way I should say. We're speaking on a day when we've had riots in Minnesota. With two cases of of real racial prejudice, killing of a young man in Minnesota. Thing in central park, but in the US, the legacy of slavery is just an ever-present legacy. And it's hard to really talk about unity without addressing that subject, and that requires national leadership. And there are a lot of different ways you could do it i. have been converted lately to the idea. Reparations I now support them. Just as a show of dignity to what African Americans have suffered in this country. It's hard for me to see really unity as a country. Until we make some CIGNA progress that and that takes some sort of traumatic step and to me. That's a national step. Create words okay. Let's go to our next question. Here will put that up on the screen from James Jones, he says what vital issue do you think will be forgotten in the upcoming issue, due to the massive amount of attention, being paid to the pandemic, so what could slip through the cracks here David that you think warrants real attention, yeah, the one that leaves immediately to mind is education. Do think online learning is not working. It works for like the tiny sliver Piper motivated students, but for most it doesn't. And I know you know. We were all calling people around checking on a friends and my friends. Their emotional health is entirely dependent on what age children are. And, so those who children are grown. They're doing pretty well. Those children are young. They're fine. They were going to be quarantined anyway. those children who are ten eleven school. There's a lot of stress there and what I worry about is those children who were already disadvantaged, educationally falling further behind losing basically the last half of their school year, losing summer and sort of just falling further behind, and we haven't quite solve the problem of online education, and so I worry about that being lost I do think there's a movement afoot that I've come to be intrigued by which just educational pluralism. At least in the US, we took this industrial model. Say High School, or elementary school and plop them down all over the place in schools pretty much look alike, but the creativity that I've seen in the educational landscape has been from small schools, really idiosyncratic schools schools with a distinct culture, and when I ever I go to a school where I think of that's really leaving a mark, student. The school is not afraid to be itself. And I'd love to get to a world where the schools were probably a little smaller, but they're allowed to be more distinct, and they're allowed to really reflect the community and be rooted in the community, rather than being these islands pop down in the community where the teachers and the parents don't have that much in common where the principles are not community leaders. And so I'd love to see a little more that I. do worry that that's the issue. That's GonNa get overlooked and.

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