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Later today we are going to hear testimony from four four witnesses in the impeachment impeachment probe of the president. But already this morning. We're kind of hearing from a fifth. The books titled a warning by anonymous. This is the book from someone. Touted by the New York. Times and publisher publisher as a senior trump administration official NAR team speed. Read it yesterday. This person whoever they are make some outrageous claims anonymous paints a picture of an out out of control president. The book claimed senior officials were so alarmed by President. Trump's behavior last year they considered a mass resignation in protest quote. It's like showing up at the the nursing home at daybreak to find your elderly uncle running pants Lewis across the courtyard and cursing loudly about the cafeteria food. The White House says this is all lies written by a Howard who won't put his or her name to it and that might be the big shortcoming of this book because we don't know who's talking. It's tough to vet how much to trust what's being said and by home home. Meanwhile in the impeachment hearings chief criticism of witnesses has not been their credibility your willingness to be vetted Republicans say it's these witnesses didn't actually hear the president's words firsthand that changes today. ABC's Turner runs our Capitol Hill Coverage. Trish got two hearings four witnesses pair in the morning here on the afternoon soon. What are we going to hear so we are going to have in the morning to officials for the first time who were on the call so they were on that July? Twenty fifth call between President Trump Presidents Alinsky and the star witness among those two. Is Lieutenant Colonel. Vitamin Vitamin is a combat veteran. He served in Iraq was awarded a Purple Ripple Heart for injuries. He sustained by attack. He was the first White House official to testify and he told investigators he was so concerned about the pressure campaign. That did he twice reported to his superiors. Like Republicans. Really want to hear from the whistle blower. WHO started all? This is basically saying everything the whistle blower said. I'm saying to you right now. That's exactly exactly right. I mean he said he realized on July tenth at a White House meeting that there was a pressure campaign then he realizes it again on the twenty fifth he so concerned each time he goes to NFC lawyer and he tells this guy. Look you know. I'm really concerned about you. Know these investigations of the Biden's of BEREA SMA Vin men who was on that call between between trump and the president of Ukraine was asked if he had any doubt trump was asking for investigations of his political opponents. There was no doubt Vinson said it could be attributed as is a partisan play in effect really effect. US national security so. He is blowing the whistle multiple times. Okay so Vin. Men is the star of the morning. We expect who are the stars of the afternoon so in the afternoon. We're going to hear from another. NFC official Tim Morrison. He's a former staff member who described shadow foreign policy serving serving the president's interest but the real star witnesses. Kurt Volker the whistle blower says Volker spoke with Giuliani in an attempt to contain the damage to us. National Security is the first witness to testify to investigators. He he very soon. After resigned his position he was the top Ukraine expert and truly truly he is sort of who the Republicans are pinning. Their hopes on that was going to save trashy means different things to different people right because to Democrats volkers the guy who said I never saw problem with Joe Biden in the first place. This whole investigation was kind of ill-founded but if everyone is also asking what the president was looking for this quid pro quo. volkers occurs the one thing. I didn't really see it that way. He denies any to have any knowledge of pressure campaign. And it's not what he saw at all. It's not what he saw coming from the president. The definitive account on all this is the one from Ambassador Volker what we do know is is there was definitely no quid. Pro Quo Republicans. He is among their star witnesses that they put for that. They wanted to hear from and he is one the Democrats You know agreed to I will say there are a number of people who have pointed out major inconsistencies between in his testimony and those who followed like Vin men like Jennifer Williams. Who's going to testify today as well in the morning? Jennifer Williams is a staff member of Vice. The President Mike Pence. She testified she found the mention of those investigations unusual and inappropriate but the theme today is really all about firsthand knowledge. Do you ever talk to president trump in two thousand nineteen. No I have not Mick Mulvaney. Thank capacitor Not exactly sure what the investors doing here today. Republicans are saying investigators were just putting for people with second hand third hand knowledge. Today is all about people who directly heard the president and we're concerned about what they heard. They were directly in meetings with ambassadors. Embassador Samland other trump officials who heard this pressure campaign who were talking about this pressure campaign with the Ukrainians in the White House. Definitely going to be an interesting day. The president is set. Just read the transcript. There's nothing they're saying he's going to hold up eight if he doesn't get these investigations. These witnesses were on that call but some were also privy to private conversations private meetings about what the president was pushing for Trish Turner at the Capitol. Thank you thanks. Pat President Trump obviously finds himself on the hot seat this week but yesterday it wasn't just impeachment that was tying the White House in knots to problem. Nobody really thought about too much a few years ago. And it's called vaping who September when the president promised new regulations on Vape pens. We had heard earlier this month that the plan was to announce a ban on flavored e cigarettes but yesterday sources told us that plan has been all but scrapped for now with the president. Worried how would it play. The vape industry loses jobs though. I'd House insists regulations could still be on the way and so we're clear kids getting addicted to nicotine because of flavored pods. That's different different from the sudden lung injuries. You've been hearing about in recent months. Scientists say the deadly sicknesses are coming from mainly off brand stuff marijuana vapes but the number of deaths continues to spiral upwards until recently. We didn't even understand why will. ABC's Gio Benitez just pay visits the lab where they actually discovered the likely because of these lung injuries. He's upstate New York right now. And so where exactly are you. So we're in Albany New York right now. We're at the Wadsworth Center. So we're in the lab right now acetate and this is the lab that discovered the ingredients of this takes ahe right here. Take this many acetate. And there's vitamin mini. Acetate right there when you got this exclusive tour of this whole process but in plain English than go. What are scientists worried about here? So basically you could actually go right right now into a drugstore and see the ingredient that's causing this it's vitamin E acetate. And when you look at this. It's just like a gooey. Yes very very viscous as Dylan Becca. And so what's happening. Is that a lot of these companies. They're going ahead and they're cutting the THC with the the vitamin E acetate and that is because it looked so much like thc oil that cannabis oil in looks almost identical to this fluid. So you really can't tell if that fluid canvas oral or if it's can canvass rural it's been cut with the basically what they're doing is they're using this vitamin E acetate to cut the THC so that these companies can get away with giving customers less of the THC less of the cannabis oil product. If you use it to die loot cannabis oil. It maintains the thickness and what's happening is is that people are ending up with some sort of product that has a whole lot of vitamin E. IN IT and that's not supposed goes to end up in your lungs. You can ingest vitamin E.. That's not the problem it's putting in your lungs that could be a problem. Was the process for finding this out because I mean the whole country was on pins and needles for weeks. What were the scientists doing to make determination so these scientists had no idea what they were going to discover so this is what we call the target analysis we? We weren't really looking for anything in take what they did. was they happen to have a medical marijuana lab here at the Wadsworth Center in Albany and so they were able to get that machinery. Used that same machinery story that's used to look at contaminants whether there's pesticides and medical marijuana that sort of thing and this time they said you know what we're going to just test these products and see what's in it when you see on the computer screen the vitamin E. pop up. It is this giant spike. That pops. What's up so you were expecting to see that? THC Peak but we were expecting to see that that peak on that computer screen they said. Wait a minute what is this. And that's really when the forensics started David was able to punch us Online some of these some of these products products that are being touted as Danielson thickness and three of them. Were essentially pule visibly acetate while you're inhaling this right into these a small air sacs right down the bottoms of your lung and as you said if you consume vitamin need not necessarily your problem but here you're inhaling correct and it's completely different than what ends up happening is you end up with a chemical burn in in a small air sacs in your lungs and so just in the last twenty four hours to head of the New York. The Health Department told you this causes burns in your lungs. Washington state says they are banning any bait product with the substance in it but to be clear this lab was not looking at big name. vape pens this off brand stuff mainly forgetting high right. Yeah what they're saying. Is that when you look at legal medical marijuana. They're not finding being that vitamin E acetate in the legal medical marijuana. They're only finding it right now in the black market products. And that's a lot of what we're seeing with. These people who are ending up sick they are ending up sick because they are using these black market products. All right that is Gio Benitez outside the facility where they've been making these breakthroughs. GM thanks for guiding US around. Thank you excellent. Start here chick-fil-a doesn't care what you think of its donations. At least that's what everyone thought.

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