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Conquest. One world now to one world one nation. When people living in peace. You have told me last what it is. You wanted me? The center of the capital of this one world when people one nation. Alexandria, chose it rubber. He was green. When we're all one people the voices of to the film's famous stars. Elizabeth Taylor under Rex Harrison Maria. What do we know about Cleopatra's, I'm visions for Egypt and the wider world when I should say that particular clip is utilizing rhetoric recognized at the time in the film reviews as the language of the United Nations, and as if Cleopatra was attempting to bring the world together after the second World War. We have to go back quite a lot further to think about what her missions might have been originally. But it certainly seems that concern of given the history of Egypt that we we've been hearing about today. Her concern was how to keep Egypt's safe in the context of rooms domination of the Mediterranean. She had to find some way of forming a safe alliance with Rome for the benefit of her p. People and what makes us so interesting is that she seems to have done this not least through the production of her children. And as I was mentioning earlier this production of children would suggest quite an ambition for Cleopatra. Because not only does she purchased Ptolemy Caesar to for children with Antony. She calls one the sun the other the moon. She calls one of her children by the name of Alexander. She really does as as the film itself suggest have some ambitions that caught up in the memory of Alexander, the great in those would be ambitions about the role of Egypt as peacemaker in the Mediterranean. Well, we're almost getting to the end of the program, but before we wrap up there's just one final myth that we should really clear up that of Cleopatra's chosen death by snake bite. It is said that the asp was brought with those fix and leaves and laid beneath them for thus Cleopatra had given orders that the reptile might fascinate self upon her body without her being aware of it. But the truth of the matter, no one knows for it was also said that she cared about poison in hollow comb and kept the comb hidden in her hair. And.

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