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Punnett Dr bart Ehrman coming up after the top of the hour heaven and hell is his new book and I think I can see already where the bumpers are headed for it and does it do along with the bart Ehrman of course we'll take calls for him later on and in the meantime until the top of the hour this is not open lines per se but I'd love to get your input on this it's just a conversation that I think is been we ve been weaving in and out of a lot of the conversations I've been having about coded nineteen both on and off the air is what could be the unexpected upside to code nineteen not downplaying the deaths you know Dr McDougall last night said he still thinks it could be upwards of two point two million people just in the United States if things don't go just right it could it could get that bad and he uses models for that that are pretty consistent with epidemiologists and other predictions and other people are making so hopefully everything will do will keep the the body count down right and who will keep all the people that we love the life that be wonderful but having put that aside for the moment what good could come from cold eight nineteen you wanna make a prediction you can do that next on coast to coast AM this is the opponent with.

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